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Búhos (English for "owls") seeks to assist the Palomares Social Justice Center in addressing the socio-economic needs of less empowered communities by providing free English language classes to native Spanish speakers three times per week at night. Not only does this offer education to eager individuals, but it also exposes Augustana students to different cultures as well as offering a place for Augustana students to practice their Spanish speaking skills.

In addition to grammar, conversation, and vocabulary classes Búhos offers childcare during classes, help with the citizenship test, translation assistance for forms and letters, and help with applications (job, school, etc).

Presidents: Adiba Hasan,Sabrina Hill, Nicole Kvist, Anna Krause
Vice president: Sophie Bolaños 
Secretary: Ariana Solis
Treasurer: Samira Radi

Advisor: Araceli Masterson
Phone: 309-794-8276