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Sustained Dialogue

In an effort to build a stronger, more inclusive campus community, Augustana participates in the Sustained Dialogue program. The core of the program is small-group discussions between various groups to build relationships and understanding of personal differences.

Sustained Dialogue groups meet weekly during fall term, and the entire campus community is encouraged to participate in these discussion groups. No training is necessary.

The goal of the Sustained Dialogue program is not to change each other's minds but to allow people to be changed through engagement with new experiences, ideas and people.

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Together, groups look for a shared and collective meaning, in order to listen without judgment and help positively impact campus culture.

The building blocks of dialogue include:

• Suspending judgment
• Deep listening
• Identifying assumptions and biases
• Reflection and inquiry

The weekly commitment is estimated at 90 minutes for participants. Any campus community member can participate in these small groups.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will strive to manage the group with effectiveness and professionalism, especially as the Steering Committee will interact with the Sustained Dialogue, Inc. organization to represent Augustana.

President: Emma Samatas
Vice president: Taylor Ashby