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Community Awareness and Reinforcement Experience (CARE)

CARE works to create a community of group acceptance that teaches leadership through service.

Advisor: Robert Elfline 
Co-presidents: Sarah Lisak and Emma Albers-Lopez 
Treasurer: Nick Duke 
Secretary: George Hanson

Christmas with CARE
CARE group shot at St. Anthony's

Christmas with CARE:

Around the holidays, members from CARE visited St. Anthony's to spread joy and holiday cheer to those living at St. Anthony's. Members of CARE caroled their way through the halls singing many popular Christmas songs.

Christmas with CARE
Caroling at St. Anthony's
Valentine's Day with CARE
CARE member with a completed Valentine's Day card for Humility of Mary



For Valentine's Day, members made over 400 valentines that were sent to Humility of Mary, a local homeless shelter. 

Valentine's Day with CARE
Making Valentine's Day cards at Augustana