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Resource Guides

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Student Resources


ANTH100 Introduction to Anthropology (Kaul)

ANTH380 Global Connections (Kaul)

Career Exploration

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance

This encyclopedia features articles with detailed career information.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The OOH includes detailed information on close to 600 occupations, including job description, work environment, training and education, and projected job growth.

O*NET OnLine Occupational Information Network

O*NET contains information on hundreds of occupations and is continually updated.

Communication Studies

COMM 3** Research Guide

Communications Studies Research Guide

Finding Advertisements


CSD Research Guide

CSD Scientific Literature Guide


ECON366 & POLS 318 Learning Community (Zhou/Zhang)



First-Year Inquiry (FYI)

FYI102 - Marklevits


Research Guide for Africa and the African Diaspora

Research Guide for Asian Studies

HIST 200: Research Gateway (Leech)

HIST 280: Primary Sources in Health Care

HIST 320: Public History (Leech)

HIST 342: Women in the U.S. since 1800

HIST 369: Oral History

Math, Math Education, Computer Science, & Physics

Scifinder Research Guide

Political Science

POLS 170: Global Perspectives (Zhang)

ECON366 & POLS 318 Learning Community (Zhou/Zhang)

POLS 320: American Foreign Policy (Zhang)

POLS 346: Politics in Latin America (Magalhães)

Guide to 300-Level POLS Research


Research Guide for Asian Studies

RELG 202: Global Christianities (Townzen)

RELG 394a: Early Islamic History (Zargar)


SOC 419: Survey Research Methods (Croll)

Women & Gender Studies

WGST 230: Global Issues in Women's Studies (al-Wazedi)

World Languages & Literature

SPAN 328: Spanish for Medical Use (Renaud)

Faculty Resources

Choice Reviews Online

Choice Reviews is the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education. When creating a new account, you must use an on-campus computer. Thereafter, you can log in to your account from any location. For more information, view the Quick Start Guide at

Collection Management Policy

The document describes the library's plan for developing and editing its materials, including journals, microformats, reference, databases/online indexes, books, and videos.

Zine Collection Development Policy and Donation Form

This document describes the library's criteria and plan for acquiring zines, as well as includes a donation form for those wishing to donate either their personal zines or ones they have in their personal collection. Please email for any questions. 

Library Display and Exhibit Policy

This document describes the library's policy on using the display cases and panels, as well as the criteria expected of those wishing to set up an exhibit in the library. An display/exhibit application is also included. Please email for any questions. 


Members of the Augustana College community are often faced with questions regarding the appropriate use of works created by others including books, articles, video, music, images, and other intellectual property. The purpose of the Augustana College Copyright Policy is to provide answers to some of those questions, along with an overview of how federal copyright laws;impact activities at Augustana College.

We have prepared a few items to help you navigate these thorny issues:

  1. Augustana College Copyright Policy
  2. Anything Goes? (infographic)
  3. Copyright, Not Copywrong (infographic)
  4. Copyright Quick Guide (infographic)
  5. A Good Rule of Thumb (infographic)

For information about the four factors of fair use, and a handy checklist, check out Columbia University's Copyright Advisory page.

If you have further questions, please contact Christine Aden (x7819) for additional assistance.

Open Educational Resources

OERs provide low or no cost alternatives to traditional publications for use in the classroom. These documents will assist you as you explore OER resources and consider adoption for your classes. Please feel free to contact Connie Ghinazzi or your liaison librarian if you have any questions.

Physical Reserves & Moodle

Faculty members may choose to place books and videos on physical reserve for student use. These items may be checked out at the 2nd floor circulation desk. Most materials are available for either 2- or 4-hour check out and must be used in the Library/Brew areas of the Gerber Center.

Additional supplemental readings are typically placed on Moodle, the course management system which Augustana uses. If you are unsure about parameters for what can be placed on Moodle, please refer to our Moodle Quick Guide or to the Augustana College Copyright Policy. To access these materials:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Augustana username and password.
  3. Click on the course (listed under "My Moodle").

If you wish to fill out the paperwork before bringing items to the 2nd floor desk, or if you plan to send the items over with a student worker, please use our reserve form.