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International student placement tests

All Augustana students are required to demonstrate proficiency in two languages.

Completing your bachelor of arts degree at Augustana, where classes are taught in English, will demonstrate your mastery of English.

You can demonstrate proficiency in a second language in one of several ways. Please determine which situation applies to you below and follow the instructions:

Option 1

If your secondary school education was in a language other than English, or your secondary education was in English but you speak a different language at home or in your community, you can provide specific types of documentation verifying your proficiency in another language.

If this is your situation, let us know here. Please follow the direction noted on this website to learn more about how to have your second language requirement fulfilled. 

Option 2 

If you successfully completed the fourth year (eight semesters) of graded coursework in a language other than English, our Registrar’s Office will review your final secondary school transcript and record your requirement as complete.

But a placement test may still be required. If you studied Chinese, French, German, Latin or Spanish, please take the test for that language here. If you studied a different language, let us know here.

Option 3

If you speak or have studied Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Latin, you can take a competency test in that language here. If your score on the test qualifies, your requirement is fulfilled.

Option 4

If you have completed at least one semester of college language with a grade of C or higher, including International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) credit, let us know here.

Be sure to send your transcripts and/or test scores to Augustana. One full year of college language satisfies the second language requirement.

Option 5 

If you have no experience in a second language, you can study Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Latin or Greek at Augustana for the equivalent of one year. If this is your situation, please let us know here.

To complete the language requirement you will need to earn credit at the 102 or 201 level. Please let us know your language preferences on the Pre-registration Form in the next step. 

For more information, see the Second Language Requirement section of the college catalog.

Students will receive their language placement results before the spring semester begins.

Non-degree-seeking and exchange students do not need to take a placement test unless they plan to study a language offered at Augustana and have experience in that language.