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Primary and secondary brandmarks

Augustana’s primary brandmark is the Augustana College wordmark. Sometimes the word Augustana is used alone.

When you use the brandmark in any of its forms, do not stretch the height or width out of proportion, do not attach words or other visual elements, and please don’t create a new version based on the original. Do keep a minimum clear space around the mark of at least one times the x-height (height of the lowercase letters) of the brandmark. The brandmark should not be smaller than 1.75 inches in width. 

Below are jpg files you may use against a white background. Just right-click the file you want to download. If you have questions or need assistance, or if you need a png or eps file instead of a jpg, contact Design Director Quan Vi.

Here is a branding guide to print out for reference.

Augustana College blue
Augustana blue
Augustana College gold
Augustana gold
Augustana College black
Augustana black

Augie A, circle A and medallion

The Augie A is used in more informal contexts and when space is limited. The Circle A is another option.

The medallion version of the Augie A is more formal than the simpler versions, but should not be used in place of the seal. The Augustana seal (not included here) is used only in formal communications from the Office of the President, such as acceptance letters for new students or Commencement and Baccalaureate communications.

Augie A gold
Circle A gold
Augie A blue
Circle A blue
Augie A black
Circle A black
Medallion blue and gold
Medallion blue
Black medallion

Athletics logos

The design of the Augustana Viking logo was inspired by archeological evidence and relics found on Viking armor. Enthusiasts of a dramatic yet historically inaccurate horned Viking may spy a “hidden horn” at the front of Augustana’s Viking helmet. Others may see an “A” formed by the cheek and nose guard meeting at the helmet’s peak. 

The full athletics logo (including “spiky Vikings”) is used less often than the Viking head, due to the versatility of the smaller version.

The secondary athletics graphic identity is AC, which may be used in place of any athletics logos. The Augie wordmarks stem from the traditional Augie script used on Vikings football helmets.

Blue & gold full Viking
blue and gold Viking head
Viking head black
Gold AC
Blue AC
Black AC
chunky Augie
Gold Augie
Blue Augie

Video conferencing backgrounds

Use these Augie branded backgrounds for Zoom meetings and other video conferencing platforms. 

If you have news, send it to! We love hearing about the achievements of our alumni, students and faculty.