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Why Augustana: Life Outside Class

Augustana’s culture creates a balance of work and play.

Gary Miller

“With college, there's a lot more than just the classroom. You had 70 kids, people you didn't even know, and we were just having a blast out in the mud. We got a lot of people that day to just have fun.”

Greek Life

Amy Fagan

"I thought it was the stupid sorority girls I saw on TV. Then I went through the new member process, and I met all of these wonderful women, who were doing so many fantastic things with their lives."

Danny Watson

“The unique thing about Augustana… they make everything flexible for you. Being a football player, being in the orchestra and also being a student … it’s made it so much easier.”

Amber Dalgaard

“Augustana has a different way of going about Greek life…. We have more freedom to do what is completely relevant to our campus.”

Lily Ramos

“One of the benefits of being a global ambassador is that we get perspectives from Vietnam, China, Sweden, France, Mexico… really all over the world.”

Patrick Conniff

“I was really excited to be a part of Augustana’s community, based off of those immediate relationships I’d built in the (soccer) pre-season.”