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Why Augustana?


Chelsea Fray

“It's given me real-world experience with crisis management and different communication tasks. This really matters for what I'm going to do after graduation, because I've realized that non-profit work is really where I find my home.”

Andrew Houkal

“Being involved with the Student Investment Fund and my accounting major has given me the opportunity to do what I’m studying in the classroom and apply it to the real world.”

Shylee Garrett

“Augustana has helped me personally develop my potential by giving me great mentors and an incredible education.”

Affordable study abroad

Lily Ramos

“The international experiences I've had have helped me communicate with people in a more knowledgeable way.”

Augie Choice grant money

Lily Ramos

“One of the ways international study is so affordable at Augustana is through Augie Choice. Augie Choice is a $2,000 grant that every student has access to. That makes it much more affordable for people to study abroad, especially.”


Marie Brzezinski

“Being raised on an income of only one parent was really difficult… going to college seemed like an impossibility.” See more videos about Augustana's affordability.


Christine Wiersema

“The faculty care about me as a student, but they also care about my extra-curricular activities. They'll ask me how my games are going, some of them come to my games. They're always very helpful in making sure I stay caught up with class work.”

Danny Watson

“I think the unique thing about Augustana, why I love being here, is they make everything flexible for you. Me being a football player and in the orchestra and being a student, (that flexibility) made it so much easier.”

Dream Big

Hannah Sundwall

“If you are someone with a big dream, Augustana is definitely the place for you.”

Jobs and internships

Amber Dalgaard

“That original panic was scary, but it ended up leading me to the EDGE Center… which gave me a new path for my future.” See more videos about Augustana's role in finding students careers.

Personal Growth

Megan Funke

“Augustana pushes you to be who you want to be, and who you really are.” See more videos about growing as a person at Augustana.


Leah Shelton

“In the end you come out with an enlightened mind that can think about anything, from any perspective.” See more of videos about Augustana's academics.


Caitlin Lebel

“The minute I walked on campus I fell in love.” See more of videos about the benefits of Augustana's location.

Life Outside Class

Gary Miller

“With college, there's a lot more than just the classroom. You had 70 kids, people you didn't even know, and we were just having a blast out in the mud.” See more videos about student life at Augustana.

CORE offices

Patrick Conniff

“I've also built relationships at CORE. They've really helped me find the internship opportunities that I've been looking for. I can contact employees, build my resume, my cover letter, all those basic skills. I feel like I'm definitely going to be able to find what I'm looking for.”

Fun classes

Jordan Franks

“I'm in a comm theory classes, and you're just sweating — oh, great, theory. But my professor has actually turned it into a role-playing game. Just having a fun class structure dealing with Socrates and rhetoric, it really makes it an enjoyable experience.”


Marie Brzezinski

“I came from high school thinking I was a really good writer because I was trained to write for AP tests and college essays. When I came to Augie, I learned how to write for a specific audience, different ways to read a text. That is one of the biggest benefits of coming to Augustana.”

Greek Life

Amy Fagan

"I thought it was the stupid sorority girls I saw on TV. Then I went through the new member process, and I met all of these wonderful women, who were doing so many fantastic things with their lives."

1-on-1 faculty attention

Nathaniel McCoy

"We were able to connect on a personal basis, learning what connections we have as everyday people. You're not going to get that at a bigger school." 

The one word

Danny Watson

“I completely love my college and am extremely happy that I chose this place to be my home for the next 4 years.”

In one word