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Eastern Iowa Community Colleges at Augustana

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Each year students transfer to Augustana from community colleges all over the Midwest. Your advisors at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, in partnership with advising at Augustana, can make that a smooth process.

There are many direct pathways from EICC to Augustana. One pathway is the 2+2 agreement for engineering mechanical track.

Augustana is a great school for transfers

You’re prepared to succeed at Augustana. The community college transfer students who started here in 2021 enter this year with an average 3.29 GPA , and 40% of them are on-track to earn graduation honors.

At most schools, the credit requirements for majors are 40-60 credit hours. Augustana’s academic majors are designed with flexibility in mind: The average major requires 28 credits, which is why over 60% of our students complete two or more majors.

Augustana is affordable

Our priority is making an Augustana education accessible. Transfer scholarships range from $20,000 to $27,000 each year, based on academic success. 

There is no additional application for scholarships — your admissions transfer team automatically will consider your application for merit scholarships.

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Our newest initiatives

In July 2022 we announced the $80 million Augustana Possible scholarship program for high-achieving students — including transfers — from families with lower incomes. It’s designed to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for qualifying newly enrolled students.

​ In recognition of our partnership with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, in October 2022 we launched the Eastern Iowa Scholar award, a $1,500 scholarship for EICC graduates, beginning with the spring of 2023. The scholarship will be renewable each year that you're enrolled full-time.

Augustana makes transfer stress-free

The transfer process from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is especially easy because of our Augustana Next partnership between the schools.

Augustana Next means that you’re immediately eligible to work with an Augustana faculty advisor and you’ll enter Augustana as a junior with all of your general education distribution requirements automatically completed when you complete your A.A.

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Visit Augustana

See for yourself why so many students consider this place home. Transfer Fridays are visit days designed especially for students like you— learn about transferring credits, requirements, scholarships and more. 

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