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Applying to Augustana test optional

Augustana College has been test optional since 2007.

Our institutional research shows that ACT and SAT test scores don't supersede the academic performance of prospective students, nor do standardized test scores predict your future success in college.

Our students haven't been defined by test scores for over a decade. ACT and SAT scores are considered supplemental materials. Scores will only be considered if an applicant self-reports them or sends a score to Augustana directly from the testing agency. 

Students who apply test-optional will still be fully eligible for academic scholarships.

Why apply test-optional

If you feel your grades and overall performance in the classroom are better indicators of your ability than your ACT or SAT score, or if you have been unable to schedule a test date prior to applying to Augustana, you can apply test optional. 

How to apply test-optional

Applicants who wish to apply without submitting standardized test scores will simply apply to Augustana. Test scores will only be considered if they're submitted as supplemental materials. 

Some students may be contacted to complete an admissions interview in order for us to gather additional information before reviewing the application. 

If you have questions about the test-optional application process, we're here to help.


Contact the admissions office


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