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Semester transition information

NOTE! Augustana College was on a trimester calendar from 1991-2018. In 2019, the college switched to a 4-1-4 calendar which includes a 15 week Fall semester, a 4 week J-term, and a 15 week Spring semester. This Semester Transition page is retained an an artifact and record of the semester transition process and planning that took place from 2016-2019. The links and transition policy information provided here are only in effect for students who began their studies at Augustana College during 2016-2019. The information contained here is not a current reflection of courses, requirements, or policies in place at Augustana College. For current dates, deadlines and policies please see the Academic Calendar and our College Catalog.


The Transition Process

For information about the transition to semesters, see the links below or for detailed information about the transition for each cohort, choose the button below that corresponds with each cohort's first year of enrollment. 

More opportunities with Augustana's move to semesters

Benefits include more time for each subject, more study abroad options, and a new J-term .