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Transfer Student Policies

2021-22 new catalog in development

Transfer Students Coursework

This content has been developed to help new students transferring to Augustana. If you are a current student student seeking information about transfer policies visit our Transferring Coursework Page

Some of these policies have been modified for students who enrolled during the semester transition. See your program evaluation in Arches and your advisor for the most current information regarding requirements for your cohort. Additional information about how to 

Students who transfer to Augustana fulfill, with one exception, the same requirements as students who begin their college study at Augustana. The exception is the sequence of courses designed for first-year students. Transfer students do not complete the FYI/FYH sequence. However, they are expected to complete all other requirements of the college either through transfer coursework or while enrolled at the college. These requirements include:

  1. FYI-101 or equivalent college-writing or Composition I transfer course;
  2. LSC-300, a course specifically designed for transfer students at Augustana;
  3. 60 credits earned at Augustana, and the last 12 in residence at the college;
  4. 40 credits at the 300-400 level;
  5. Minimum competency through coursework or testing in a second language;
  6. Minimum competency through coursework or testing in quantitative reasoning;
  7. One course in Reasoned Examination of Faith at the 200 level;
  8. One course in each of the six Learning Perspectives;
  9. One 4-credit global perspective course and one 4- credit diversity course; and
  10. Two credits of physical activity courses (PEA) or a comparable transfer course.

Semester Transition Notice Regarding Transfer Credits

During the transition to a semester calendar and curriculum, coursework will be evaluated for transfer by comparing courses taught under Augustana's trimester curriculum. For example, a course taken in Fall 2017 at another institution will be compared to Augustana courses taught under trimesters, while courses taken after June 1, 2019 will be compared to the semester curriculum. Students may petition the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees for an exception to the policy. This exception waiver is available only through the semester transition and expires in May 2023. 

Students who wish to enroll at the college as a first-year student, but also wish to transfer in AP, IB or A-Level scores or community college credit must adhere to the Pre-Enrollment Credit Policy.

Students are required to send their final transcripts (from their most recent high school and/or college experience) to Augustana as a condition of continued enrollment. Please see Transcript Policies for further information about the parameters for sending your transcripts to Augustana and how transcripts are accepted.

Special Transfer Agreement for Students with an Associate of Arts Degree

Under the Augustana community college transfer agreement, Augustana will consider the six Learning Perspective (LP) requirements fulfilled when a student has earned an Associate of Arts degree from an institution already vetted and approved by the college faculty, found below.  On a case-by-case basis, Academic Affairs and the Registrar's Office shall be permitted to extend the agreement to students earning an AA from other community colleges when their curricula similarly reflect the broad range of general education requirements at Augustana College. Qualifying students are required to obtain an Associate of Arts degree and achieve a minimum of 33 credits of transferable coursework (a grade of C or better.)  Individual credits for all transfer students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Requirements not fulfilled by this agreement include:

  • FYI-101 or college-writing or equivalent;
  • Suffixes (Q, D, G);
  • LSC-300;
  • Reasoned Examination of Faith;  
  • Health and Physical Education (PEA) activity requirement;
  • Second Language; and
  • 300-400 level requirement

However, the qualifying transfer work may meet some of these requirements: 

  • FYI-101 or college-writing or equivalent;
  • Health and Physical Education (PEA) activity requirement;
  • Second Language; or
  • 300-400 level requirement

Approved institutions:

Black Hawk College        

College of DuPage          

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (Clinton, Scott and Muscatine) 

Harper College               

Kirkwood College            

McHenry College             

Oakton College              

Please see the degree requirements for a complete list of the coursework required for a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

This agreement is not extended for students with an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.

Policy adopted as academic pilot by Faculty Senate January 30, 2014 

Adopted as permanent policy by faculty Spring 2019