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Scholastic Recognition

2024-25 Academic Catalog


Graduation Honors

Graduating seniors who are pursuing their BA or BS, have earned at least 60 credits at Augustana and whose Augustana grade-point average meet the following minimum standards are eligible for graduation honors:

3.9000 summa cum laude

3.7500 magna cum laude

3.5000 cum laude.

Students qualify for honors on the basis of their overall grade-point averages for the semester the degree is conferred. Honors for the Commencement ceremony and printed program will be printed based on the overall gpa after the term prior to the graduation term. Graduation for the permanent record and diploma are based on the final grades in the term in which the student graduates.  Honors are withheld from students found guilty of violations of college policies regarding academic honesty, such as cheating or plagiarism. Grade point averages are not rounded up to meet the honors standards noted above. Graduation honors are recorded on the student’s permanent academic record following graduation processing. Honors will not be changed or updated for courses taken after the degree is conferred. Graduate students are not eligible for Latin Honors. 

Class Honors

Recognition of class honors occurs during the annual Honors Convocation in May.

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Chapter of Illinois, was established at Augustana in 1950. 

Dean's Honor List

Following Fall and Spring semesters, degree-seeking students who earn a grade-point average of 3.50 or above for that semester are included on the Dean’s Honor List for that semester, subject to the following criteria:

  1. All work is completed by the end of the semester with final grades posted (no incomplete (I) grades on record still in place after 30 days).
  2. Twelve hours of credit are graded on the plus-minus grade scale during the term (see Grading System). Courses taken Pass-No Credit or Pass-Credit-Fail or Audit count neither toward the student’s grade-point average nor toward inclusion on this list.

The Dean's List is published following the 30-day incomplete deadline after the conclusion of each semester. The Fall list will be published in early February and the Spring list will be published in late summer. 

The college does not have a Dean's List for J-term. Students registered for J-term courses do not receive an Academic Standing at the end of Fall Semester. These students' J-term grades are counted with fall semester grades to calculate academic standing at the end of J-term to determine eligibility to remain enrolled at the college. For more information see Academic Standing

Class Rank

Augustana College does not calculate class rank. 

Graduation Recognition

The college recognizes honors at Commencement in the program. The college does not provide students cords or stoles for honors.