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Arrangement in Black and White: The Making of a Whistler Legend

Catherine Carter Goebel, “Arrangement in Black and White: The Making of a Whistler Legend.” PhD dissertation Northwestern University, 1988. (Hollis Clayson, advisor, with David Van Zanten and Betty Iverson Monroe, committee)

Compiled by Catherine Carter Goebel (chronologically catalogued into 17 appendices, 1860-1879) as primary document resources within her dissertation.  

This collection chronicles Whistler’s critical response as he sought to build his reputation from his initial exhibition through the Whistler v. Ruskin libel trial and its aftermath. These were researched and collected from British and French periodicals in The British Library and the Bibliothèque Nationale, recorded in her dissertation (pp. 689-1026) and published here for the first time.

List of appendices

Appendix 1: The Royal Academy Exhibition, 1860

Appendix 2: The Royal Academy Exhibition, 1861

Appendix 3: The Royal Academy Exhibition and Morgan’s Gallery, 1862

Appendix 4: The Salon des Refusés and The Royal Academy, 1863

Appendix 5: The Royal Academy Exhibition, 1864

Appendix 6: The Salon and The Royal Academy Exhibition, 1865

Appendix 7: The Salon, Exposition Universelle and The Royal Academy Exhibitions, 1867

Appendix 8: The Royal Academy Exhibition, 1870

Appendix 9: The Dudley Gallery Exhibition,1871

Appendix 10: The Royal Academy, The Dudley Gallery, The Society of French Artists and The International Exhibition, 1872

Appendix 11: The Summer and Winter Exhibition of the Society of French Artists, The International Exhibition and The Dudley Gallery, 1873

Appendix 12: Whistler’s One-Man Exhibition, 1874

Appendix 13: Brighton Exhibition, Winter Exhibitions at the Society of French Artists and The Dudley Gallery, 1875

Appendix 14: The Spring Exhibition of the Society of French Artists, 1876

Appendix 15: The Peacock Room, The Grosvenor Gallery Exhibition and Miscellaneous Reviews by the Press, 1877

Appendix 16: Early Notices by the Press, The Grosvenor Gallery Exhibition, The Exposition Universelle, Pre-Trial Notices, The Trial Noted in the Press and Reviews of the Trial by the Press, 1878

Appendix 17: Reviews of Art and Art Critics, Reviews in Glasgow, The Grosvenor Gallery Exhibition and Pre-Venice Notices, 1879