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Sociology and Anthropology course catalog

2024-25 catalog

PAUL CROLL, Professor
B.A., Northwestern; Ph.D., Minnesota

B.A., Knox College; M.A., M.P.H., Ph.D. University of Iowa

ADAM KAUL, Professor
B.A., Minnesota State–Moorhead; M.A., Northern Illinois; Ph.D., University of Durham

KATHERINE BROWN, Assistant Professor
B.A., Wittenberg University; M.A., Western Michigan University; Ph.D., Western Michigan University

ÇAĞLAR ÇETIN-AYŞE, Visiting Assistant Professor
B.A., Istanbul Bilgi University; M.A., Sabanci University; M.A., Ph.D., Stony Brook University

Major in Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

32 credits, including either SOAN -101 (Introduction to Sociology) or SOAN-102 (Introduction to Anthropology); either SOAN-226 (Ethnography) or SOAN-227 (Social Statistics); SOAN-301 Sociological & Anthropological Theory; SOAN-303 (Social Science Research Methods); SOAN-450 (Senior Inquiry Capstone), and at least 12 credits in electives (at least 8 of these elective credits must be at the 300-level or higher).

Students pursuing the SOAN major can elect to take both SOAN-101 and SOAN-102, with the second Introductory course counting as an elective. The same is true for SOAN-226 and SOAN-227: students must take one, and if they take both, the second course counts as an elective. However, since 8 of the 12 electives must be at the 300 level or higher, students can only earn credits towards the completion of the major by taking 3 out of 4 of these classes: 101, 102, 226, or 227.

Minor in Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

20 credits, including either SOAN -101 (Introduction to Sociology) or SOAN-102 (Introduction to Anthropology); one of the following courses: SOAN-226 (Ethnography), SOAN-227 (Social Statistics), or SOAN-303 (Social Science Research Methods); SOAN-301 Sociological & Anthropological Theory; and at least 8 credits in electives from the department (at least 4 of these elective credits must be at the 200-level or higher).

Students pursuing the SOAN minor can elect to take both SOAN-226 and SOAN-227, with the second course counting as an elective.

Grade-Point Average Notation: All courses listed in the catalog as required courses for any major and/or minor, including those courses outside of the department or with a different subject coding, are considered part of the major and will count in the grade point average. Some departments may have additional grade requirements for the courses offered within their department. Recommended supporting courses that are optional and not required may also count in the major depending on the program. For more information see your department chair or the degree requirements for Bachelor of Arts and information on Majors/Minors.

Courses (SOAN)

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