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Engineering course catalog


Advisor: JOSHUA DYER, Assistant Professor (Physics)
B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D., Michigan State University

Augustana has a unique 3-2 engineering program. Students in this program earn both a Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana College and a Bachelor of Science degree from an ABET accredited engineering school. Schools attended by previous graduates of the program include University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, and Purdue University.

These programs normally require three years in residence at Augustana followed by at least two years in residence at the engineering school. While at Augustana, the student pursues a broad education in the liberal arts while simultaneously obtaining the basic training in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science which is required for the study of engineering.

Since it is expected that all general education requirements for the Augustana degree, together with a departmental major, will be completed before transferring to the university, the engineering advisor works closely with the student in planning and monitoring his or her academic progress. It is important that a student interested in this coordinated degree program meet with the advisor early in their first year.

The criteria for transferring to a university, as well as standards which transfer students must meet, are established by the university. Augustana cannot guarantee acceptance to the university that a student plans to attend.

Augustana also offers a coordinated degree program with Columbia University, Northern Illinois University, and Washington University in St. Louis. In these programs, students are guaranteed admission to these schools as long as they meet the requirements in the articulation agreements held by Augustana College.

For more information, see Coordinated Degree Programs, the CORE website, or contact the engineering advisor.

Dr. Joshua Dyer

Five Questions: Dr. Joshua Dyer

Dr. Joshua Dyer, assistant professor of physics, talks about his high school teacher’s hovercraft, the humility of Einstein, and inspiring students to travel the world. 

Merhi earns scholarship, will attend Nobel ceremonies

Abdul Rahman Merhi '15 will mingle with Nobel Laureates this December. He's the latest recipient of the Swedish Council of America's prestigious Seaborg Scholarship, which comes with a trip to the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar. Merhi is one of 25 young scientists from around the world to attend this year's seminar and Nobel ceremonies.

Hoffmann '15 wins Fifty for the Future award

Augustana senior Mark Hoffmann has been selected as a winner of the Fifty for the Future award by the Illinois Technology Foundation. He is a native of Lansing, Ill., majoring in pre-medicine and engineering physics and minoring in mathematics and computer science. Fifty for the Future encourages education and industry to support students who aspire to achievement in technology.