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Students walking on the quad in spring

Bold & Boundless

Augustana's strategic plan

As new information about Augustana’s strategic plan becomes available, it will be added to this page. 

Augustana’s future is bold and boundless

Since its founding, Augustana College has educated and graduated people of purpose, with deep passions, the skills to accomplish ambitious goals, and extraordinary gifts for leadership. Our graduates possess a way of thinking about and looking at the world that equips them with a panoramic view,  motivating them to have an impact wherever they are. This is what Augustana has done since 1860, and we aspire to continue to shape graduates who impact their communities because of their experiences at this college.

Now is the time for action to prepare the next generation of leaders. This is the impetus for our strategic plan, Augustana Bold & Boundless.

To reach our strategic goals, we must compel and support students of all backgrounds to choose Augustana, persist and thrive; we will prioritize engaged learning to maximize our students’ potential; and we will provide real-world learning experiences to prepare them to lead  in their communities and in the world. For Augustana Bold & Boundless to succeed, student success will be our focus. 

Resources for the campus community

  • Bold & Boundless: This primarily internal document was developed by the Strategic Planning Commission and approved by the Augustana College Board of Trustees in late January 2024. This is the foundation for our strategy. It is the base from which other resources will be developed for use with other groups, including alumni and other external constituents.
  • Bold & Boundless goals: This one-page PDF outlines the three strategic goals of Bold & Boundless and how they will build a student-ready college experience.
  • Online proposal form (or PDF version): The Implementation Council developed this form to invite others to contribute initiatives that align with Bold & Boundless. Several ideas have already been proposed using this framework, which is central to sharing great work by members of our community to advance Bold & Boundless.
  • Preliminary list of exemplars: Members of the Implementation Council started a list of efforts that model what we hope to see more of through implementation of Bold & Boundless. This list reinforces that Augustana is already on a pathway to maximize student potential, prioritize engaged learning and connect through partnership.

Implementation news

Success Teams graphic

Augustana launching Success Teams

Beginning fall 2024, every Augustana student will be paired with a Success Team, a multi-pronged team.

Augie Choice

Augustana expands student-engagement initiative Augie Choice

The innovative program, previously only available to juniors and seniors, is now expanded to sophomores so that they too can engage in transformational engaged learning experiences. 

Implementation Council

Within the traditional structures for shared governance, members of the implementation council will work collaboratively with campus stakeholders to facilitate and provide oversight of the college’s strategy to ensure success.

Members of the Implementation Council include:

  • Kent Barnds, Executive Vice President for Strategy & Innovation and Vice President of Enrollment (chair)
  • Greg Domski, Associate Dean of the College
  • Chad Gunnelson, Director of Cross Country and Track & Field
  • Tšooane Molapo, Director of Institutional Research
  • Liz Nino, Executive Director of International Enrollment
  • Dr. Ann Perreau, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Audiology Clinic Coordinator
  • Lindsay Adolphs, Assistant Vice President, CORE and Community-Engaged Learning
  • Farrah Roberts, Director of Well-being and Resiliency
  • Lori Roderick, Associate Vice President of Development
  • Dr. David Thornblad, Associate Professor of Business Administration

About the strategic planning process

Within a month of her inauguration as Augustana College’s ninth president in October 2022, Andrea Talentino initiated the process that would lead to the school’s strategic plan, Augustana Bold & Boundless. The first stage involved a series of listening sessions held across the campus and facilitated by members of Augustana senior administrative leadership.

To re-think the curriculum whereby all students participate in multiple structured engaged learning opportunities, regardless of major or department, will produce career-ready graduates with real-life problem solving and project management skills that employers want and need.

Tom Weigand '85, founder, IWI Ventures, and Augustana trustee

Participants were given three overarching strategic priorities – neighborhood and place, purpose and distinction, and transformational engagement – which were discussed within the framework of Augustana’s mission and values. Participants were asked to name 3-4 areas of strategic focus, with thought given to possible operational actions and measurable outcomes related to each.

Listening sessions continued through January 2023, when a Strategic Planning Commission (SPC) was formed to work with consultants from Academic Leadership Associates (ALA) in identifying and defining the areas of strategic focus that would comprise the plan. The SPC included faculty, students, staff and two trustees, and met regularly throughout 2023. Consultants visited Rock Island to meet with members of the campus community and worked closely with the SPC’s three co-chairs, one each from faculty, administration and board.

Members of the Strategic Planning Commission include:

  • Ashley Allen, OSID
  • Jacob Bancks, Music
  • Kent Barnds, Executive Vice President for External Relations
  • Jacob Bobbitt, Business Office (tri-chair)
  • Anna Castro, TRIO
  • Shelley Cooper, Theatre Arts
  • Nathan Frank, Physics
  • Lauren Hammond, History
  • Jennie Hemingway, Title IX
  • Wendy Kelley, Admissions
  • Charles Kim, Trustee
  • Kiki Kosnick, World Languages, Literature, and Culture
  • Addison Larson, Student
  • Dan Lloyd, Athletics
  • Doug Parvin, Philosophy
  • Melinda Pupillo, Campus Ministries
  • Michael Reisner, Environmental Studies
  • Evan Sammons, Advancement
  • Laura Schnack, Student Life
  • Nadia Schwartz, Accounting
  • Alvin Theccanat, Student
  • David Thornblad, Business Administration (tri-chair)
  • Tom Weigand, Trustee (tri-chair)
  • Xiaowen Zhang, Political Science
  • Mindy Zumdome, Human Resources

As 2023 drew to a close, the SPC worked with President Talentino to prepare its report to the board, and Augustana Bold & Boundless came into sharper focus. At the Board of Trustees 2024 planning retreat, held on campus in January, the plan received its official endorsement from the board.

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