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FAQs: Hybrid work, summer hours and dress code

Summer hours

Q: How does the condensed summer schedule option work?

A: During the weeks between graduation and the beginning of the academic year, Augustana College will close all administrative offices at noon Fridays. During these weeks, employees may choose to work nine hours per day from Monday-Thursday and four hours on Friday.

For the summer of 2023, the condensed work schedule will be available from Friday, June 2-Friday, Aug.t 23.

Employees should work with their supervisor to establish their schedule and should generally begin work no earlier than 7 a.m. and end work no later than 6 p.m. Employees should continue to follow standard procedures for recording all hours worked using TimeClock Plus.

Q: Are all employees eligible for a condensed summer schedule?

A: Certain positions will be excluded from this program due to the nature of their job requiring on-campus presence. This would include, for instance, certain employees in dining and public safety. Some offices also may need to curtail this option during particularly busy times, especially when the college is hosting summer groups and/or meetings through conference services.

Q: Do I have to work a condensed schedule during the summer?

A: Employees are not required to work a condensed schedule and may continue working their normal Monday-Friday hours. While the offices will close to the public on Friday afternoons, an employee may choose to continue to work their typical schedule and work on Friday afternoon as they would throughout the academic year.

Q: Why are offices closing at noon on Fridays during the summer?

A: Closing offices to the public will allow more employees to take advantage of a summer condensed schedule. For those employees who choose to work their normal Monday-Friday schedule, the closure may provide the opportunity to work without public interaction. Additionally, closing offices may make it easier for some employees to take available PTO on a Friday afternoon.

Q: Do I have the option with the summer condensed schedule program of working 36 hours a week instead of 40?

A: The summer condensed schedule program is not intended to be a reduction in regular work hours. It simply provides the option of working hours in a more flexible way during the summer months when students are not on campus.

Q: When are we closed for summer holidays and how will those be paid when working a condensed schedule?

A: During the summer of 2023, the campus will be closed for the following holidays:

• Memorial Day, Monday, May 29

• Juneteenth, Monday, June 19

• Independence Day. In 2023, Augustana will be closed on both Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day

A: Full-time, 12-month employees will receive eight hours of holiday pay for each of these days. Part-time, 12-month employees will receive prorated holiday pay for these days. Employees working a summer condensed schedule will need to adjust their schedule accordingly during these weeks or utilize PTO to make up any short hours.

Academic year employees only receive holiday pay if the holiday falls within the timeframe in which they are regularly scheduled to work. Please see the holiday policy in the employee handbook for further details.

Hybrid work

Q: What is a hybrid work arrangement?

A: The hybrid work arrangement is a program that allows some employees to work up to two days per week at a non-college location.

Q: Who is eligible for a hybrid work arrangement?

A: Current full-time employees in good standing who have been employed by Augustana for a minimum of three continuous months are eligible to request hybrid work arrangement.

Q: What positions qualify for a hybrid work arrangement?

A: A hybrid work arrangement is appropriate for some staff and administrative employees and jobs but not all. Criteria that may be considered to determine if a position is suitable for a hybrid work arrangement include:

• If the nature of the job is conducive to hybrid work without causing disruption

• The needs of the department including department goals or projects

• Collaboration required with other departments

• Whether face-to-face interaction is required, in particular with visitors, prospective students, someone interviewing for a job, donors, vendors, etc.

• Whether service can be maintained without hardship

Q: Who is a good candidate for a hybrid work arrangement?

A: Good candidates for a hybrid work arrangement may include employees who possess:

• At least three months of continuous employment

• Strong understanding of role and expectations

• Successful performance history

• Ability to work independently

• Strong communication and collaboration skills

Q: How many days may I work hybrid each week?

A: In order to capture the benefits of on campus work, no more than two full days are permitted per week. Additionally, many positions are suitable for off campus work one day per week. While hybrid days will generally be approved as full days, employees may request to work off campus half days rather than full days. Of course, this schedule must be approved by a supervisor and consistent with the employee’s job responsibilities and the departmental needs.

Q: What is the process to request a hybrid work arrangement?

A: In order to request a hybrid work arrangement, employees should work with their supervisor to complete the Hybrid Work Agreement Request Form. This form will be available under Faculty and Staff Forms and Docs in the Human Resources section.

Employees will begin the process by initiating the form to request hybrid work days. Employees should describe how their job duties are suitable for hybrid work and confirm understanding of hybrid work policies.

The supervisor will then review criteria outlined for both position and employee suitability for hybrid work to confirm if a hybrid work arrangement is appropriate.

The employee and supervisor should then meet to review the request and talk through items outlined in the form to ensure success in the hybrid work arrangement.

Once those details have been finalized, both the employee and supervisor should sign the form and forward a copy to the Human Resource department to be maintained in the employee file.

Q: When can I begin a hybrid work arrangement?

A: Supervisors and managers may begin accepting requests from employees for hybrid work arrangements on Feb. 10, 2023. Employees with approved requests will work with their supervisor to determine the date the hybrid work arrangement will begin. This can be as early as Feb. 20.

Q: What if my supervisor declined my request for a hybrid work arrangement and I don’t agree?

A: Determinations about suitability for hybrid work arrangements are at the discretion of the supervisor or manager. Should an employee disagree with a decision about approval of a hybrid arrangement, they can request reconsideration through the Human Resource department. Human Resources will work with the next level manager to review the hybrid work request form and will respond to both the employee and supervisor.

Q: If my position is suitable for a hybrid work arrangement, am I required to work a hybrid schedule?

A: Employees are not required to take advantage of a hybrid work arrangement. Participation in the program is voluntary and is offered for the convenience of the employee.

Q: What are the expected working hours for the hybrid workday?

A: Fluctuation in work hours on off-campus work days is permitted. However, significant variations in availability or work hours during the day should be discussed with the supervisors. Employees should follow policies regarding recording work time, breaks, and lunch periods.

Q: Under what circumstances can a supervisor change or terminate a hybrid work arrangement?

A: The supervisor can terminate or amend the agreement based on a number of reasons, including operational changes, staffing changes, leadership changes, performance, etc. The college will strive to provide advance notice, but that may not be possible in all cases.

Q: Can a request for a hybrid work arrangement for a similar position in a different department be handled differently? Can one be approved and the other denied?

A: Yes. Hybrid work arrangements are handled on a case-by-case basis. Since every job, employee and situation are different, it cannot be assumed that the same decision is appropriate for two similar positions. Supervisors will assess all requests for a hybrid work arrangement with fairness across all similarly situated employees. Supervisors know the operations of their department/unit(s) best and are responsible for final decisions on how to get the work accomplished. Supervisors have the authority to approve of a hybrid work arrangement, or to postpone consideration of a hybrid work arrangement to another time.

Q: My supervisor asked me to come in on a hybrid workday. Can I “make up” that day next week?

A: There may be times when offices are not able to accommodate hybrid work for positions due to the needs of the department. In those times, the supervisor will ask that employees be present onsite to support business needs. Supervisors may approve moving the hybrid day to a different day within that week based upon departmental needs, but this is not guaranteed. Hybrid workdays may not be rolled over from one week to the next.

Q: Are supervisors eligible for hybrid work arrangements?

A: Yes, supervisors are eligible to request hybrid work arrangements. Suitability for a hybrid work arrangement should be determined for a supervisor position as it is for any other position (see the Hybrid Work Arrangement policy or FAQ above about which positions qualify and who may be a good candidate).

Q: Are computing resources available to check out?

A: Employees can check out laptops, Chrome books and other technology to enable remote access to Augustana applications and systems. Equipment and devices should only be used by the employee and only for college business. Student usage is prioritized over employee reservations. Inventory as well as check out time windows may be limited. Please visit the ITS Service Desk on the Sorensen first floor for further details.

Q: How do I access Augustana’s systems from home?

A: Employees can find instructions on how to remotely access college resources on the Information Technology Services web page ( Navigate to “Remote Resources” on the menu. Accessing this information requires an Augustana username and password. These resources will be updated as needed.

Q: What do I do if I need IT support on a hybrid work day?

A: Please submit a ticket to the ITS HelpDesk online, email, or call ITS directly at 309-794-7293.

Q: What do I do if my internet service is disrupted while I am working a hybrid day?

A: Employees should promptly notify their supervisor when they are unable to perform work assignments due to a utility failure, equipment failure or any other unforeseen circumstances. It is likely that the employee may be required to return to the office to make progress on their work.

Q: Can I take advantage of the hybrid work arrangement and condensed summer schedule?

A: Eligible employees are able to take advantage of both the hybrid work arrangement and the summer condensed schedule. These options may be appropriate for some positions and not others, and there may be times over the summer when an office is not able to offer one or both of these arrangements in order to meet needs.

Q: How does PTO work in a condensed schedule and when working a hybrid workday?

A: Employees should submit PTO requests for the number of hours they would have worked on the day of their absence. For example, if an individual takes PTO on a day they would have worked nine hours, then nine hours of PTO may be submitted. If they request PTO on a day they would have worked four hours, then four hours of PTO may be submitted.

Employees may request PTO for days they are scheduled to work a hybrid workday. Hybrid work should not be used as a substitute for taking a PTO day. PTO can and will impact office coverage; offices may need to take the number of employees using PTO into account when they make plans for employees to work hybrid on any given week.

As always, PTO is subject to the approval of each employee's manager or supervisor and should be scheduled with as much notice as possible. All employees should submit PTO requests using TimeClock Plus for accurate accounting of time away.

Dress code

Q: What is our dress code policy?

A: Augustana has announced an updated policy that enables individuals to dress for their day. For those offices that do not have uniforms or safety concerns, employees are able to use discretion in selecting their attire aligned with their responsibilities for the day.

So what determines your day? If your day consists of working with your co-workers and students, a more casual approach may be fine. If you will be meeting with prospective students, completing interviews, or conducting more formal meetings, a more traditional level of office attire may be best.

Remember wearing Augie gear is almost always appropriate. The updated policy provides some additional details and guidance for employees. We want employees to continue to proudly represent the Augustana brand in action and appearance.

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