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Open registration begins Aug. 17

Here is some information that should help answer your questions during open registration next week, Aug. 17. Check the links below for your questions about returning to campus and only use your Augustana email address when communicating with campus offices. 

Adding and dropping classes

Continuing students

Arches will reopen at 8:00 am on Monday, August 17 for you to make further changes to your schedule. You may add and drop classes through 4:30 pm, Friday, August 21. We recommend you review the Registration Policies and Procedures about the new self-service prior to making schedule changes. If you find that you are unable to add a course, you should contact the instructor and use the online add form. If you miss this opportunity see the Academic Calendar for the next change to make changes. Please review your program evaluation in Arches and reach out to your advisor if you have questions about class selection. 

New students

If you have questions about your fall schedule, use your Augustana email account to send a message to You also will review your fall schedule with an advisor during Welcome Week.

Classes taught online

While all courses in the fall semester 2020 will have some distance learning component, a small number of classes will be only taught online. If you have an online course, you will see the section number on your class schedule has been changed to ONL (e.g. ART-101-ONL).  See this complete list of online-only classes. 

If you previously have notified the college that you plan to be a remote learner this fall, you do not have to change your courses to online-only classes. All faculty are prepared to teach every course to every student regardless of the student's location or method of attending class. If you have a question about the mode of your courses or how your course schedule will meet,  contact your instructor. Additional policies and procedures may be found online

Contacting the Office of the Registrar

You can meet with staff from the office online during virtual office hours. Or you can contact them through email or inquire about scheduling an online appointment. In addition, nearly all office forms have been moved  nearly all office forms have been moved online. You can find these forms on our website or linked in Arches. 

If you have news, send it to! We love hearing about the achievements of our alumni, students and faculty.