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Safety tips and information

Safety personnel

Augustana has two police officers and eight Public Safety Officers who provide 24/7 patrols of campus. The Public Safety office is located in the basement of Sorenson Hall. The office works closely with the Rock Island Police Department.


Augustana has security cameras spread throughout campus that are monitored 24/7. There are security cameras at the entrances of residence halls, in the lobby area of the residence halls, and in some academic buildings.

This year cameras have been installed on the Quad and soon cameras will be on the Slough Path and Westerlin parking lot.


From time to time, Public Safety may issue alerts, warnings or other important updates. Over the summer, the office reviewed guidelines and better defined the types of communications it issues. More information on these guidelines and communications will be posted in the near future.


Two new phone apps will become available this fall.

One is a one-touch emergency app that will connect students with public safety and give the campus community instant access to help information.  

The others is an An A.C.E.S. app for students to request rides,and receive approximate wait times and notifications when the ride arrives. 

Augie Alerts

Augie Alerts is the college's text messaging and email alert system. The college uses Augie Alerts to notify people of emergency information.

Sign up to receive alerts.

Emergency plan

The campus emergency plan is an all-hazards approach. That means there is a basic plan of action for all emergency situations. In emergencies and drills. People are asked to do one of three actions:

Evacuate — leave a building, an area of campus, etc., as directed
Shelter in place — stay where you are, take cover (usually due to weather)
Lock down — close and lock all windows and doors so people can't leave or enter a room, building, etc.

Run, Hide, Fight

Public Safety suggests the Run, Hide, Fight approach for anyone confronted with a violent situation, such as an active shooter. This recommended video explains how it works.


The college conducts three annual drills: one in the fall, winter and spring. We strongly encourage all members of the campus community to participate.

The Sept. 18, 2018,drill will focus on evacuation procedures. Posters should be located prominently throughout all buildings. Please take a moment to review these posters, as they have important information about the safest and quickest way to exit a building. If you are having difficulty locating a poster or if one has out-of-date information, please email

All notifications for drills will be sent via Augie Alerts. Please take this opportunity to review your profile to ensure you have filled in as many contact options as possible and that your information is current. Please note, in areas where cell phone service may be limited, there are public phones which will provide the same information as an Augie Alert in the event of an emergency. If a public phone is ringing, please answer it, listen to the complete message, and assist others as needed. 

Emergency Planning Task Force

More than 10 years ago, the college established an Emergency Planning Task Force. Members of the task force include public safety, facilities, residential life, the dean's office, registrar and communications. The team convenes bi-weekly to plan drills, discuss best practices, revise procedures and rehearse their own roles, just as we ask you rehearse yours.

Augustana College is one of only two four-year colleges in Illinois that has been certified as a Ready to Respond Campus. That means the college has completed specific criteria and takes an "all hazards" approach to planning and practicing for potential issues impacting college campuses.