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Dear Student,

For our new students joining us this year, WELCOME! For those of you returning, WELCOME BACK. With Augustana’s institutional mission which commits to offering a challenging education that develops qualities of mind, body and spirit necessary to live a rewarding life of leadership and service in a diverse and changing world, we hope you will grow, succeed and thrive this year.

First, you can do that by placing great emphasis and importance on your academic pursuits. Second, you should live out the Community Principles of Augustana College (Purpose, Openness and Respect, Accountability, Responsibility, and Care) which when applied, creates the best environment possible for every member of our campus community to achieve personal fulfillment and success. In addition to a strong academic program and our community principles, Augustana offers a variety of outside the classroom opportunities that compliment your education. Here are a few suggestions about how to take advantage of those opportunities.

First, get involved in the life of the college. Besides meeting other students through participation in activities sponsored by the residence halls, membership in one or more of the campus organizations, or involvement in intramural sports, make it a point to get to know the faculty and staff. All of these people will enhance your career at Augustana.

Second, familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook and use it as a reference. Using the information in this handbook will help make your experiences at Augustana more enjoyable and meaningful. Pay particular attention to the rules and regulations which have been provided to protect the rights of all members of the Augustana community, a community of which you are now an important part.

Finally, if there is anything that members of the Dean of Students staff can do for you, let us know. We provide a wide range of services, but can direct you to other resources when appropriate. However, don't feel like you need a problem to stop by. We would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you.

Best wishes for a successful year.