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Confidential reporting of campus violations

If you wish to report an incident of sexual misconduct, such as sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, and dating or domestic violence, please use the Title IX Reporting Form.

Use the Incident Reporting Form below to report an incident of bias, hazing, or one that you believe is a violation of Augustana's Code of Conduct.

Although you can choose to remain anonymous using the Incident Reporting Form, if you would be available to provide more details and feel comfortable doing so, we would appreciate your including your contact information.

Thank you for taking time to improve our community.

What is a bias incident?

Bias incidents are acts or behaviors motivated by the offender’s bias against another due to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity or expression, or military status. 

Bias incidents include making comments or telling jokes based on stereotypes: for example, telling African-American or Latino students they “must have gotten a huge scholarship to be here” or asking an Asian or Asian-American student for help on math because she “must be good at it.” It demeans a person or a group to make an assumption about them based on a stereotype.

While some bias incidents are not necessarily violations of Augustana’s Code of Social Conduct, these offenses contribute to the sense of an unsafe or unwelcome climate on campus.    

Hate crime, an extreme incident of bias, is a criminal offense motivated by the offender’s bias. Examples of hate crimes include vandalism, assault and other crimes against a person or property.

Who can help?

Staff members in the offices below are trained to receive and act on a bias incident or hate crime report, and to provide support. If the incident occurred in a work setting, classroom or college-sponsored program or event, you also may report the incident to the faculty member, supervisor or director who was in charge at the time.

Dean of Students Office, 104 Founders Hall, ext. 7533
Office of International Student Life, Gerber Center 4th floor, ext. 8270
Office of Multicultural Student Life, Gerber Center 4th floor, ext. 8270
Office of Residential Life, Andreen Hall main office, ext. 2686 
All professional residential life staff located in each residence hall
Office of Student Life and Leadership, Gerber Center 4th floor,  ext. 2695  
Student Counseling, Founders Hall 2nd floor, ext. 7357
Augustana Police and Public Safety, Sorensen Hall, ext. 7711

Members of the Bias Reporting Team
Wes Brooks, Dean and Vice President of Student Life, 104 Founders Hall, ext. 7533
Wendy Hilton-Morrow, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Provost and Dean of the College, 116 Founders Hall, ext. 7312 
Mindy Zumdome, Director of Human Resources, Sorensen Hall, ext. 7521
Monica Smith, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Founders Hall, ext. 7594

If you want to report the incident, you or any of the staff members listed can notify a member of the Bias Reporting Team. You also may also use the confidential or anonymous options listed below; however, if you do not share your name, we can act on the report but are unlikely to be able to provide you with feedback. 

• Call 1-866-943-5787

What happens after I report a bias incident or hate crime?

Bias incidents will be shared with the Bias Reporting Team and with the employee who has disciplinary authority over the accused. For example, if a student is accused of a bias incident, the associate dean of students, who is the chief conduct officer for students, will be notified. If a faculty member is accused of a bias incident, the provost will be notified. If a staff member is responsible, that person’s direct supervisor will be notified.

An investigation will include conversations with the individual who reported the incident, with the accused, and with anyone named by that person or the accused who has information about the incident. 

In a case where the college believes a violation of the Code of Social Conduct has occurred, the accused will be charged with a violation and may plead “responsible” or “not responsible.” If the accused pleads “responsible,” the associate dean of students will set the sanction. If the accused pleads “not responsible,” an administrative hearing will be held to resolve the incident. If a hearing is held, the individual who reported the incident will serve as a witness.

In the case where a faculty or staff member is the accused, the employee disciplinary system will be activated to resolve the incident.

In all cases and throughout the process, the Bias Reporting Team will serve in an advisory capacity. When possible, they will provide updates on the investigation to the person who reported the incident.

Depending on the circumstances, the college’s actions concerning the accused could include any or some combination of the following:

• A conversation 
• A request for an apology
• An educational sanction such as a research paper, community service, conversations with selected faculty or staff who have special expertise, or hosting a program to educate others
• A penalty such as a fine
• Restriction from certain activities or areas of the campus
• Counseling
• Separation from the campus

NOTE: When the accused is not known but the location appears to be connected to the incident, such as on the floor of a residence hall, the college may choose to implement a sanction.

Hate crimes will be shared with Augustana Police and Public Safety, in addition to the people identified above. In some cases, hate crimes also will be shared with the Rock Island Police Department. A hate crime will be handled as a criminal offense in addition to a violation of college policy.

An investigation will be conducted when the accused is known. Depending on the circumstances, the college response could include any of the above sanctions, as well as suspension or deferred suspension for a period of time.