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Any time a large group of people choose to live and work together, there is a need for structure. Inside Augustana provides insight into that structure. Within these pages you will find:

  1. An explanation of the services and activities available to students at Augustana.
  2. A description of the rules, policies and procedures to be followed by all members of the Augustana community in relation to the academic, extracurricular and social life of the college.

Each student is responsible for knowing the material in this Handbook and in Inside Our Halls and Houses, if residing on campus, as well as pertinent regulations in the current Augustana College Catalog. In general, students seeking waiver of a particular rule related to their academic situation should petition the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees through the Office of the Registrar, Founders Hall, x7211; students asking a variance from regulations affecting other aspects of student life should petition the Student Policy Committee through the Dean of Students Office, Founders Hall, x7533.

The disciplinary regulations set forth in this Handbook are authorized in the bylaws of the college. Rules pertaining to Judicial processes and student life are under the supervision of the Dean of Students Office. The college reserves the right to change the services and procedures set forth in this handbook at any time during the academic year. In the event of any such changes, each student will be notified in writing.

As a private institution, Augustana College exercises the right to require civility in language and behavior of its employees and students, and to enforce community standards through judicial or administrative action. Augustana reserves the right to dismiss and/or refuse further registration to any student whenever, in its judgment, the general welfare of the Augustana community seems to call for such action (additional information is under Behavioral Intervention).