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Sanctions for COVID-19 violations increasing

Nov. 18, 2020


As the in-person experience winds down for the fall, only one weekend remains before you depart campus for the rest of the semester. 

Since Augustana remains at COVID Alert Level 3 as implemented on Nov. 6, I wanted to remind you of a few particular COVID expectations and the ramifications for violating those expectations between now and Thanksgiving.   

1. Group gatherings, both on and off campus, must be limited to 10 or fewer students at all times. Masks and physical distancing are expected during gatherings. 

2. Eating in restaurants or patronizing bars is a violation of these rules. 

3. Residence hall visitor restrictions remain in place. This restriction states that students should only host one other student in their rooms, and only with permission of their roommates. Students are expected to be considerate of the comfort level of their roommates and refrain from hosting guests when their roommates ask them not to.   

With the upcoming holidays and students transitioning home next week, the college will continue vigorous enforcement of these COVID expectations and will be implementing stricter penalties for violations. 

Students found in violation of the group gathering policy or the restaurant/bar policy will receive the following sanctions:

• Fines will triple and students will be charged a violation fine of $300.

• To reduce the likelihood of spread, the interim measure of departure from campus which has been in place all semester, will be required within 12 hours of the violation. 

• Student visitors to restaurants/bars or who attend a social gathering larger than 10 will be placed on social probation through May 2021. Social probation indicates students will receive heightened sanctions for future violations. 

• Students who host gatherings larger than 10 will receive a sanction of Deferred Removal from Housing. This deferral will be in place through May 2021. Deferred removal indicates future violations will result in removal of housing for the duration of the 2020-2021 academic year. 
Students will receive a two-week suspension from all campus activities other than classes (i.e. intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, club participation). Students found in violation of adhering to that suspension will receive additional sanctions. 

Students found in violation of the residence hall visitor restriction policy will receive the following sanctions: 

• Fines will triple: first offense, $150; second offense $300. 

• Visitation privileges will be restricted. First offense, through Wednesday, Nov. 25. Second offense, through Jan. 17. 

• Warnings/probation: First offense, written warning. Second offense, residence hall probation. 

• Third offenses will include a $300 fine and may result in cancellation of the housing contract. 

With the tremendous compliance we have generally seen this fall, I am hopeful and confident everyone will continue to comply with COVID guidelines. And that we will finish the semester continuing to be mindful of our COVID responsibilities.

I wish everyone a tremendous finish to the fall semester. 

Dr. Wes Brooks
Dean of Students