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Illinois moves to Phase 5; campus COVID-19 guidelines change

June 11, 2021

Illinois. Gov. J.B. Pritzker has confirmed the move to a full reopening, also known as Phase 5, the final phase of the Restore Illinois plan.  

The state’s guidance allows those who are vaccinated to wear their masks less, and it allows the college to take a significant step closer to a "new normal."

Starting June 11, and as a temporary measure through June and July (or a shorter period if circumstances call for tightening of mitigation efforts), Augustana College maintains these expectations:

For all community members

• You may remove your masks outdoors while on campus, but please continue physical distancing.

• Anyone planning to continue wearing a mask is welcome to do so.

• Meetings may be held in person, and that practice is encouraged. Be mindful of space and reasonable capacities in rooms. Those attending meetings are welcome to request that everyone in the meeting wear a mask, and supervisors/meeting facilitators should provide opportunities for that request to be made and honored by all in attendance. Employees are not required to share their vaccination status in meetings.

• Continue carrying a face covering at all times and be prepared to wear it as necessary or requested.

• Immediate family members of employees are welcome to resume activities at the PepsiCo Recreation Center and to visit campus.

• All visitors should adhere to the same guidance and recommendations of internal community members such as Restore Illinois Phase 5 guidance.  

For fully vaccinated community members

• You may remove your masks indoors and outdoors while on campus.

• You may go without a mask inside campus buildings.  

• While public health guidance is not requiring physical distancing between vaccinated individuals, Augustana College is encouraging minimal contact and physical distancing for all community members.

• There is no requirement to continue using temperature check stations or the Campus Clear app.

For community members who are not fully vaccinated

• You should remain masked in all public areas inside buildings on campus.

• You should remain masked both inside and outside when engaged with others such as in meetings or as you walk with a colleague across campus.

• You should continue physical distancing of at least 6 feet. 

• You should continue to use temperature checks stations or the Campus Clear app. 

Vaccination status

Vaccination status is being managed on the honor system at this time. If infection rates increase considerably, spread occurs on campus, or other unforeseen circumstances occur, vaccination status may need to be verified later.  

Even those who are vaccinated should ask colleagues if they’d be more comfortable remaining masked. They may have children or vulnerable family members in their households who remain at risk for infection.

College officials have made no decision about possible vaccination requirements.  A final decision will be announced no later than July 9.

Vaccination surveys

Students, faculty and staff have been asked to fill out a voluntary vaccination survey to assist in planning COVID-19 guidelines.

Student survey

Faculty and staff survey