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New guidelines on events and visitors

The Augustana Strong Task Force has updated its guidance about events, meetings and campus visitors as of April 30, 2021.

If your program or event can occur while meeting the following expectations, pre-approval is no longer required. Work with Rita Gustafson, campus scheduling coordinator, to reserve a spot for your event with the right capacity.

→ Club and organization programs, as well as departmental programs, may be held in person. Those events should be held outdoors whenever possible.

Everyone in attendance must be masked at all times, even if fully vaccinated.

Physical distancing is required at all events, even if fully vaccinated.

Events should not exceed 50 people.

If events require more than 50 people, at least 30 feet of space must separate multiple groups of 50. The organizer must have a means of contact tracing (QR codes, sign-in sheets, attendance, etc).

Events indoors must adhere to room occupancy limits. Campus scheduling can provide you with room capacities.

→ If your event has had visitors in the past, you may resume that practice.

Visitors are welcome to attend events on campus, such as theatre, music and athletics. There is a maximum of four visitors per student, or fewer depending on the venue.

Ticketing may apply at some events. Room capacity will dictate the number of guests a student may bring. Event organizers must work with campus scheduling to determine the allowable number of guests per student.

Visitors attending athletics events must adhere to the CCIW spectator policy.

For other events, visitors are considered those people who are legally or emotionally related to an Augustana student.

Students not using their allocated visitor spaces may not transfer them to other Augustana students.

Guest speakers or presenters for classes or organized club and organization activities are welcome. No more than two speakers or presenters can be present at a particular event or class at the same time.

These guidelines are subject to change. If your event has unique features not addressed here, contact the Dean of Students for approval.