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College moves from high to moderate alert level

Feb. 26, 2021

Augustana College has lowered its COVID alert level from high to moderate after a review of current conditions and its own benchmarks.

The college had operated at high alert since November. (See Augustana College COVID alert levels)

Dr. Wes Brooks, dean of students, said the Augustana Strong Task Force and the president’s cabinet reviewed the alert level this week, and considered many different factors and indicators:

• Campus and community positivity rates are trending down

• On-campus isolation and quarantine occupancy is very low currently.

• Testing is readily available and contact tracing has been effective. 

• There have been no confirmed cases of transmission in the classroom.  

Dr. Brooks stressed that most pandemic measures that have been in place all year will remain: required masking, physical distancing, restrictions on visitors to campus, and use of the Campus Clear screening app.

He asked that community members adhere to Restore Illinois Phase 4 guidance pertaining to bars and restaurants. 

Changes under alert Level 2

Residence hall lounges will re-open.

The group gathering size limit will increase to 50 people for sponsored on-campus events, such as Office of Student Life activities and chapel services.

Non-sponsored activities, such as club and organization meetings, can have gatherings of 25 or less. Clubs and organizations should continue using the activity application through Student Government Association. 

Continuing precautions


Masking is required. Wear your mask correctly. Masks should cover both your nose and mouth. Having a mask rest on your chin defeats the purpose of the mask. 

Masking is still required even if you have tested positive for COVID in the last 90 days or have received the vaccine.

As new strains of the virus spread, the Centers for Disease Control is encouraging people to double-mask. The Augustana Strong Task Force also encourages consider double-masking.

When traveling in vehicles, everyone should remain masked. Vehicles should not be filled to capacity. 

Distancing and monitoring

Physical distancing of at least 6 feet between people is expected. 

General student gatherings unrelated to the college should remain at 10 people or fewer. (To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, students violating the personal, unsponsored group gathering size limits will receive interim removal from campus, be required to study remotely, and quarantine per CDC guidelines.)

Continue keeping your friend groups small. The commitment everyone has shown to small groups mitigates spread.

When you are off-campus, continue to take necessary precautions such as masking and physical distancing.

Continue using the Campus Clear App.

Immediately inform Public Safety if you have symptoms or a positive test result, or have been exposed. Call 309-794-7711.

Dining services will continue to offer grab-and-go options at various locations. Capacity in the dining hall will continue to be limited.

Restrictions on visitors to campus remain in place. This mean, for example, no non-Augustana students visiting the residence halls, or a family member of an employee using PepsiCo. Visitors are not allowed. 

Weekly surveillance testing of the campus community will continue.