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Class of 1968: 50th Reunion

The Class of 1968 Leadership Team joined together in 2013 to plan our 45th reunion and to begin the planning for our 50th reunion.

We established a goal of raising a total of $2.5 million for Augustana’s endowment to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our graduation on June 2,1968.

July 1, 2013, through July 15, 2018 

Gifts and pledges for any purpose $   538,309
Legacy plans shared and quantified $   742,555
Total $1,280,864

Part of this $2.5 million giving goal is to raise $500,000 to endow the President’s Initiative Fund and to name it for the Class of 1968.

The purpose of the President’s Initiative Fund is to advance strategic priorities that will improve the Augustana College teaching and learning experience. Many new programs, academic and athletic, have been developed, new interdisciplinary majors have been added to the curriculum, and existing programs have been enhanced.  

Our honorary Class of 1968 classmate and Augustana President Steve Bahls talks about the importance of the President’s Initiative Fund and our support for it.

President's Initiative Fund

July 1, 2013, through July 15, 2018
Gifts and pledges $74,912
Legacy plans shared and quantified $180,000
Total $254,912

Additional 50th reunion giving options

  • "50 for 50" — Creating Our Class of 1968 Legacy
  • The Class of 1968 Scholarship
  • Departmental or programmatic scholarships
  • Sorority or fraternity scholarships
  • Family scholarships
  • The Augustana Fund

All gifts to Augustana (of any size), restricted or unrestricted, are appreciated and will help us reach and hopefully surpass our 50th reunion giving goal of $2.5 million

Class of 1968 Leadership Team

Marcia Lutz Blust, John Dahl, Carla Edlefson, Tony Ekdale, Kent and Katherine Anderson Eklund, Toria Olson Emas, Christine Mathson Holmer, Sherry Esposito Kuehnle, Carol Schersten LaHurd, Jim Lundeen, Ward Nelson, Jeanne Donstad Olsen, Karen Olson Roloff, Barry Stoughton and Sharon Anderson Telleen.

Why I Attend Reunions

"One great thing about these "older" reunions is that there's really little left to prove. We've now lived the largest part of our lives and more or less accomplished what we set out to accomplish. Pressures felt earlier are now gone, and many of us are off following new passions or pathways. The same guys or gals we knew way back when are still there, but the fascination is remembering that and hearing about where they are heading now."
— Bill Lorimer '68

Why I Give

"Why give money to Augustana? Why would I NOT give money to Augustana?! My formative experiences as an Augie student back in the turbulent 1960's were uplifting and broadening to me in more ways than I can count. At that time, I would not have had sufficient personal resources to get through college without the generous scholarship assistance provided by donations from others who had gone before me. Now, in my long career as a university professor myself, I interact daily with students who struggle with the financial challenges of seeking their own educational dreams. That's why I feel a joyful desire - not a disgruntled obligation - to contribute what little I can to the educational future of those students who are coming along the path after me." 
— Tony Ekdale '68

Stay in Touch

Go to Class of 1968 Facebook page to keep up with your classmates.