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Special reunion classes

A 50th reunion celebration at Augustana is a special opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the college and with classmates and friends. As you spend time together at Augustana exploring the campus, learning about Augie today, talking and laughing about past times, you have the opportunity to reflect on the time spent living and learning “By the Mighty Mississippi.”

We hope that you will also use the opportunity to reflect on the excellent education that you experienced and work together with your classmates to provide an exceptional reunion gift which can help to make the Augustana experience as unique and meaningful for today’s students as it was for you. We look forward to hosting you on campus for your 50th reunion.

For more information, contact Kelly Noack, director of alumni relations, 309-794-7474.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are we planning a special class gift for our 50th reunion?

A: As members of a class begin the work of planning and connecting for a wonderful celebration weekend on campus, part of the conversation will inevitably include the wonderful experiences and education that they experienced at Augustana. Challenging and engaging classes, exceptional faculty connections, lifelong friendships, and the collective impact of those years together will all part of those memories. We encourage alumni to consider passing forward the opportunity for current and future students to gather similar memories.

Members of 50th reunion classes may consider having a current impact on the college with gifts given toward any purpose or designation over a five year period between their 45th and 50th anniversaries. Alumni can also have a future impact by including Augustana in their Legacy Plans. 50th reunions provide a wonderful opportunity for Augustana alumni to work together to leave a personal and class legacy at Augustana College.

Q: What will happen when my class gathers on campus for our 50th reunion?

A: A group of class members will be asked to assist in planning your reunion weekend. If you are interested in participating in this planning process, please email Kelly Noack, Director of Alumni Relations.

All class reunions at Augustana take place during Homecoming on the Augustana campus. A wide variety of events and programs are planned for alumni and guests starting on Friday and lasting through Sunday morning. Your class will celebrate with special activities specifically planned for your class and other opportunities to gather with alumni and friends spanning several decades.

The fun will typically begin on Friday with a kick-off lunch for specially honored classes and continue through Sunday morning worship on campus. Your 50th Reunion is a particularly special milestone, so whether it’s been five or 50 years since you were last on campus, we hope you will join your classmates in Rock Island to celebrate.

Information about your reunion will be shared as soon as plans begin to form. For some classes, the planning starts right after the 45th reunion and continues throughout your 50th reunion year. Your class letter and the Augustana website are two key places to watch for updates on plans as they develop.

Q: How can I make my class 50th reunion gift?

A: Augustana gratefully accepts cash, checks, credit cards and securities transfers. Credit card gifts may be made by mail, by calling 309-794-7545 or online.

For information on making a securities gift, please call the Office of Advancement at 309-794-7347 for stock transfer information.

Unusual assets including personal property, business interests or inventory, or real estate can be used to support Augustana as well. Avoiding capital gains penalties may be an option with some assets, particularly those which have appreciated. A legacy gift, such as a bequest or beneficiary designation, can also serve as a reunion gift. Get more information about legacy giving.

To be included as part of your 50th reunion gift, Legacy plan provisions must be established and documented by October of your 50th Reunion year.

Gift options

Current gifts

The timeframe for the current gifts included in consideration of a 50th reunion gift spans five years, beginning Nov. 1 following your 45th Reunion and continuing until your reunion in October of your 50th Reunion year. Pledges for gifts that will be fulfilled prior to or within the year following your 50th Reunion are also counted.

  • Augustana Fund gifts and pledges — these are unrestricted in nature and help our college meet needs and address opportunities when they arise. These funds are used wherever they are most needed.
  • Endowment gifts or pledges of cash, securities, mutual funds or other liquid assets. Instead of the entire amount of the gift being spent outright, the total amount of the gift is invested. Each year, only a portion of the invested income earned is spent while the remainder is added to the original funds. An endowment is a perpetual gift because only the interest is used to support Augustana while the value of the fund continuously grows. An endowment is a great way to link your legacy with the college’s future in perpetuity. Further information on endowment can be found at: Augustana College Endowment Information
  • Close the Gap Award gifts and pledges, which can be used to make the difference between being able to attend Augustana College or not. The awards are offered to select high achieving/high need students to assist them to “close the gap” between other sources of funds and Augustana tuition.
  • Support for internships, departments and programs
  • Capital support for college facilities
  • Tribe of Viking (Athletic Fund) gifts and pledges for a growing number of exceptional student athletes and teams
  • Gifts to WVIK and the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
  • Employer matching gifts

Life income gifts

Future gifts may include the following:

  • Specific or residual bequests through a will or living trust
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement accounts, bank accounts, annuities and life insurance policies
  • Revocable remainder interests in a charitable or traditional trust or a donor advised fund
  • Irrevocable remainder interests in a charitable or traditional trust, annuity or a donor advised fund