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Class of 1967: 50th Reunion

class of 1967

50th Reunion Gift

Goal: $5 million

class of 1967 pie chart

Why I Give

"I support Augustana because of the four exceptional years I spent in Rock Island and I want that opportunity to continue forever!" 
— Janet Carlson Peterson '67


Why I Attend Reunions

"I attend reunions to reconnect with former classmates and revisit the campus, reliving memories and marveling at the changes which have occurred over the years. With regard to reuniting with classmates, a wonderful phenomenon happened: Old barriers fell away. It no longer mattered, for example, what fraternity or sorority one once belonged to. Classmates seemed genuinely happy to visit with those not in their old inner circle of friends. New connections were made." 
— Barbara Bolling Rimington '67