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jeremy hoffman
More Than I Imagined Seniors reflect on accomplishments and look ahead

Jeremy Hoffman

Graduation year: 2011

Major: Geology

Minor: Classics

Activities: Augustana Choir, Heywire! Improv Troupe, Udden Geology Club, Delta Omega Nu

Post-grad plans: Pursue Ph.D. in glacial geology at Oregon State University

Are you where you thought you'd be four years ago?

Other than acknowledging that I’d be graduating (or was it wishing?), I had no idea I’d be here when I started at Augustana. I came to Augie as a pre-law major and am now looking forward to getting a Ph.D. in geology after graduation. If that doesn’t say something about the opportunities here, or how they can change your life, I don’t know what does.

Your peak experience?

Singing with the Augustana Choir at Orchestra Hall in Chicago (twice!) was something extremely special and unique to my experience as a musician and student. Working hard with other excellent musicians to produce something beautiful in a place so highly revered was truly a ‘peak’ during my time here. Also, reaching the summit of ‘Mt. Augustana’ near Cody, Wyo., twice was most definitely a ‘peak’ experience! (GEOL-105...take it!)

What did you learn about yourself in these past four years that surprised you?

Learning that I could intrinsically motivate myself to sit in the mineralogy lab in the basement of Swenson Geosciences for nearly six to seven hours a day picking microscopic plankton shells out of sand last summer was perhaps the most important step in completing my Senior Inquiry project, which has catapulted me into the national undergraduate research limelight as of late. Further, it has given me confidence that I can complete any assignment given to me, whether it be academic or professional.

Besides your family, who helped you get to where you are now?

Nearly every faculty member I’ve studied under at Augustana has served to help me get here, but I especially credit the extraordinary talent within our geology department with really giving me the major push forward. Without them as a rock (pun intended) to cling to, I wouldn’t have made it very far in my senior research endeavors.

Advice for this fall's incoming class?

One quote comes to mind, from the great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: “Walk tall, kick ass, learn to speak Arabic, love music and never forget that you come from a long line of truth-seekers, lovers and warriors.” GOOD LUCK!

"Jeremy not only understands what it means to be liberally educated but also lives that type of life. That is, whether discussing the 8.2 Kiloyear Cold Event with the American Geophysical Union or working on a live theatre production with me (first Omniscience and then Wrestling with Angels and Demons), he appreciates how a well-rounded life fosters a well-lived life. I have been blessed to meet him and have learned as much from him as he has from me. I look forward to seeing where his skills, gifts and talents take him from here."

- Dr. Scott Irelan, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre Arts