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Advising reference guide: Class entering 2019

General Education sequence


Class entering 2019

FYI or HONR 101, 102 (Foundations) or HONR 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, or 127 (Logos)   Most students complete this requirement during their first year as a 2-course sequence.
Second language   A year-long sequence of a second language is required. Students can complete this requirement via established equivalency policies.
Learning Perspectives: PA, PH, PL, PP, PN, PS   Student must complete one course in each of the 6 LP areas.
Diversity Courses (D and G)   Students must complete one D course and one G course.

Reasoned Examination of Faith (REF)


Complete a REF course before junior year. Completion of the Honors sequence satisfies the REF requirement.

Quantitative Literacy (Q)   You must complete one Q course. These courses will be 3 credits under trimesters and 4 credits under semesters.
HEPE   Two, 1-credit HEPE activity courses are required.
Senior Inquiry (SI)   Complete an SI-designated course or experience (typically during the senior year).