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Stacy Barton

Stacy Barton

Associate Professor and Film Program Director

Film artist Stacy Barton shot her first video in 1999, with a body of audiovisual work that includes short and feature-length narrative fiction ("Red Pearl" 2016), documentary ("In the Heart of Chile" 2007), non-fiction TV magazine ("Gumbo TV" 2004), 16mm experimental, video art and multimedia sculpture.

Barton has taught in higher education since 2004, holding positions at Syracuse University, the University of Colorado Denver, the University of West Georgia and Metropolitan State University of Denver. Ever grateful to have been given the chance to craft a dynamic new film program at Augustana, Barton is excited to help cultivate rich and bold student productions in the Quad Cities and beyond.


  • B.F.A., film, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • M.F.A., film, Syracuse University