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Paul Croll

Paul R. Croll

Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Welfare

Paul R. Croll is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Augustana College. He joined the department in 2008.

In addition to his book, Race and Ethnicity: The Basics (with Peter Kivisto, 2011) his research has appeared in the journals Social Forces, Social Problems, Ethnic & Racial Studies, and The American Sociologist.  He is also a contributing author to Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America: Adding Context to Colorblindness (2013).

His research and teaching interests include whiteness, white privilege, critical race theory, race and ethnic relations, social inequality, quantitative research methods, and statistics. His research examines attitudes and beliefs about race in America through the lenses of whiteness and white privilege.  Dr. Croll is a Principal Investigator on the Boundaries in the American Mosaic Project funded by the National Science Foundation, studying the roles of race and religion in the contemporary United States.

Specializations: Race


  • B.A., Northwestern
  • Ph.D., Minnesota