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C. Kevin Geedey

C. Kevin Geedey

Professor of Biology, Bohdan Dziadyk Distinguished Chair in Environmental Science and Conservation

My primary areas of teaching center on ecology, evolution, and aquatic biology.  Aquatic life is endlessly fascinating, and understanding how and where aquatic organisms live means understanding how ecosystems function, and how populations respond to their environment.

Students working in my research lab take on varying projects, depending on their interests. My student colleagues and I have studied the rates of photosynthesis in wetlands, biogeochemical cycles of streams and ponds, decomposition of the leaves of invasive plant species, populations of mussels, and fish behavior to name a few recent projects.  

Specializations: Aquatic ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Evolution, Limnology, Upper Mississippi Center


  • B.A., B.S., Ohio State
  • M.S., Ph.D., Michigan State