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anne earel

Anne M. Earel

Research and Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor

I decided to pursue librarianship after working for a few years as an editor for Prentice Hall; I edited college-level biology and chemistry textbooks.  I loved the idea that my work was facilitating the learning process for college students, but in my office in Boston, I felt very far removed from the students I was trying to help.  I knew I wanted a career in academia, but with two very different majors as an undergrad and a wide variety of interests beyond those, I knew I would be unhappy focusing solely on one aspect of one subject, as one must in a PhD program.  Academic librarianship is a perfect fit for me; my broad interests and knowledge are an asset to me when I help students at the reference desk, and I learn new things on a daily basis!

As Research Help Coordinator, I manage the little details of our research help service - like creating our schedule - but I also get to explore ways in which we might best help and reach students.  I love learning about and implementing new technology, such as the chat box now found on the library homepage, and continually finding new ways to maintain the library's vital place in the academic and social lives of students.


Specializations: Library, Academic librarianship


  • B.A., Augustana College
  • M.A., University of Iowa