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Pre-Physician Assistant courses



Biology: TIERNEY R. BROSIUS, Associate Professor
B.S., Wayne State College; M.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Students interested in attending a program to become a physician assistant following graduation from Augustana take an undergraduate course of study with a major in an area of their choice. They also complete a pre-physician assistant curriculum involving courses in biology, chemistry, psychology and communication studies.

Pre-physician assistant students also may participate in internships with clinical experience during the school year at various hospitals and clinics in the Quad-City area in order to obtain some of the clinical experience necessary for successful competition for admission into professional physician assistant programs.

All professional schools require a significant number of clinical hours (i.e. direct patient care); most require a minimum of 1,000-2,000 hours. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or Emergency Medical Technician is strongly recommended.

Interested students should consult with their advisor early in their first year to plan an appropriate schedule of studies.