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Pre-Physical Therapy courses

2022-23 Academic Catalog Page


Biology: SCOTT GEHLER, Associate Professor
B.A., Cornell College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Biology: TROY LARSON, Assistant Professor
B.A., Augustana College; M.S., Bradley University; Ph.D., Illinois State University

Psychology: LISA SZAFRAN, Assistant Professor
B.A., Nazareth College; M.A. & Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo

Students interested in attending a program in physical therapy following graduation from Augustana take an undergraduate course of study with a major in an area of their choice. Biology and Psychology majors are most common.

Students also complete a pre-physical therapy curriculum involving courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, sociology, classics, and speech. Augustana College has a cooperative educational agreement with Washington University's program in physical therapy. A maximum of three students per year who meet specified entrance requirements are automatically accepted into Washington University's program in physical therapy following the completion of the B.A. from Augustana. Contact the pre-physical therapy advisor for more information.

Pre-physical therapy students may also participate in internships with clinical experience during the school year at various physical therapy sites in the Quad-City area, in their home communities, or abroad in order to obtain both academic credit and the clinical experience necessary for successful competition for admission into professional physical therapy programs.

Pre-Physical Therapy Program Outline

These courses will fulfill many prerequisite courses required by DPT graduate programs. (Information provided from a survey of 27 DPT programs located primarily in the Midwest)

Chemistry (1 year w/labs)

- CHEM-131/132 (General Chemistry)

Biology (General Biology I and II; Human Anatomy and Physiology w/ lab)

- BIOL-130 (Molecules to Cells w/lab)

- BIOL-140 (Organisms to Ecosystems w/lab)

- BIOL-351 (Human Anatomy w/lab)

- BIOL-362 (Human Physiology w/lab)

Physics (1 year w/labs)

- PHYS-151/152 (Principles of Physics)

Psychology (2-3 psychology courses that include Introductory Psychology AND Human Development OR Psychological Disorders)

-PSYC-100 (Introduction to Psychology)

-PSYC-216 (Human Development)

-PSYC-224 (Psychological Disorders)

Statistics (Biostatistics, Business Stats, Math Stats, OR Psych Stats)

-PSYC-240 (Statistics; Requires advanced permission by Psychology Department)

-MATH-130 (Statistics for Health Professionals)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (Generally, any social/behavioral science course)

-SOAN-101 (Introduction to Sociology and Social Justice)

-SOAN-102 (Introduction to Anthropology)

Additional Relevant Courses - These courses are not required by many programs, but they may enhance your application (check specific program requirements):

-MATH-160 Calculus I (Required by several DPT programs)

-CLAS-290 Greek & Latin Roots for Science (Medical Terminology)(Required by several DPT programs)

-BIOL-358 Neuroanatomy

-BIOL-455 Cadaver Dissection

-HEPE-140 – First Aid & CPR (applicant must be certified prior to matriculation)

-English – upper-level writing course

Cooperative Educational Agreement with Washington University

Students that apply to Washington University Doctor of Physical Therapy program under this agreement must meet the following criteria:

1. Receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology or Psychology from Augustana College.

2. Have a 3.5 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in math/science and prerequisite courses. Majority of prerequisites should be completed at Augustana College. Courses completed at other accredited academic institutions will be accepted.

3. Earn a 155 on both the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.

4. Have a 4.5 or higher on analytical writing section of GRE.

5. Submit three favorable letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a Biology or Psychology faculty member.

6. Complete the requisite courses and degree by matriculation into the professional curriculum in physical therapy at Washington University.

7. Submit a completed application by October 1st of the year preceding the desired year of admission.