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Geology student research 2016-17

Senior projects presented at national meetings of the Geological Society of America

Geology majors are required to complete a senior research project under the direction of one of the faculty members, completing GEOL4501 (Introduction to Research) and GEOL451 (Senior Research). Completion of GEOL451 requires a written senior thesis and public presentation of results, typically at a Geological Society of America professional meeting. Student research projects vary with interest and funding.

Cassidy Belske

Cassidy Belske, 2017
Lead Leached from Household Plumbing and the Effect of Water pH Levels

Courtney Chouinard

Courtney Chouinard, 2017
Elemental Contamination of Ancient Copper Mine in Killarney, Ireland

Zach Cook

Zach Cook, 2017
Heavy Metal Contamination Found in Water Sources Throughout Mainland China


Mark Lundine

Mark Lundine, 2018
Channel Morphometry Analysis of Headwater Streams Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Two Different Ecoregions

John (Jack) Malone

John (Jack) Malone, 2018
Structure of the Southern Margin of the Big Horn Batholith, Wyoming: A Major Archean Shear Zone?


Robert Martin

Robert Martin, 2017
Chemical and Thin Section Analysis of the Coal Creek Serpentinite


Allison Pease

Allison Pease, 2018
Sea Level Budget along the East Coast of North America

Jacob Piske

Jacob Piske, 2017
Nutrient Variations of Six Surface Water Bodies in McHenry County, IL

Jessa Rizzo

Jessa Rizzo, 2017
The Color and Clarity of Feldspars: Experiments in Heat Treating

Joseph Teresi

Joseph Teresi, 2018
A Spatial Relationship Between Stream Slope Stability and Water Quality within an Urban Watershed in Rock Island, IL

Laura Ames

Laura Ames, 2016
Environmental Geochemistry of Sediments and Soils in Rock Island County: Heavy Metals in the Dirt

Laura Behymer

Laura Behymer, 2016
Heat Treatment and Irradiation of Yellow Tournmaline from East Africa

Danny Fulton

Danny Fulton, 2016
Geochemical Characteristics of the Castle Rock Conglomerate with Implications for Provenance

Kati Ponder

Kati Ponder, 2016
Environmental Geochemistry of Soils from a Former Industrial Site on Sylvan Island, Moline, IL

Luc Ratzer

Luc Ratzer, 2016
Postcranial Remains of a Sauropodomorph Dinosaur from the Lower Jurassic of Antarctica

Josh Pearson and Matt Harrington

Winning research from two geology seniors

Matt Harrington ’19 and Josh Pearson ’19 took home research awards from this spring’s joint Geological Society of America meeting

Jenny Arkle

Remote learning

To research mountain formation, Jenny Arkle travels to remote places. Her students can use the thermochronology lab on campus and also travel off campus—way off campus. 

Mike Wolf near Bonaire

Geology faculty explore a tropical island for midwinter classes

Dr. Kelsey Arkle talks about a faculty scouting trip to the island of Bonaire, one J-term option for students in 2020.