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Business Office staff

(Staff directory pages)

Accounts receivable

Student Accounts Coordinator Student accounts  
Student Accounts Coordinator Rhonda Vogel 309-794-7390
Student Accounts Coordinator Kati Sproston 309-794-7454

Accounts payable

Accounts Payable Kristen Day 309-794-7713
Accounts Payable Jennifer Fairchild 309-794-7688

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources Melinda Zumdome 309-794-7352
​Assistant Director of Human Resources Cristina Rios 309-794-7352
​Pay and  Benefits Specialist Trudy Sitrick 309-794-7352
Human Resources Assistant Debbie Sottos 309-794-7352


Payroll Specialist II Kelly Hall 309-794-7353
Payroll and Benefits Specialist Cristina Rios 309-794-7455


Director of Financial Planning, Analysis & Procurement Darin Lamont 309-794-7499
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Specialist Kristen Day 309-794-7713

Administrative personnel

Vice President for Finance and Administration Kirk Anderson 309-794-7203
Executive Assistant Cathy Atkinson 309-794-7203
Controller Jacob Bobbitt 309-794-7154
Student Accounts Services Director Diane McCann 309-794-7150
Director of Financial Planning, Analysis & Procurement Darin Lamont 309-794-7499
Grant and Endowment Accountant Missy Lambrecht 309-794-7432
Staff Accountant Jill Harris 309-794-7351

If you have questions concerning:

Accounts payable Kristen Day 309-794-7713
W-9 Kristen Day 309-794-7713
Accounts receivable (non-student) Kati Sproston 309-794-7454
Electronic funds transfers — student Student accounts  
Electronic funds transfers — general Jacob Bobbitt 309-794-7154
Employee benefits   309-794-7740
Employment opportunities for students   309-794-8614
Employment opportunities for staff   309-794-7452
Grant accounts Jacob Bobbitt 309-794-7154
International programs Rhonda Vogel 309-794-7390
Payroll Kelly Hall 309-794-7353
Payroll Cristina Rios 309-794-7455
Student accident insurance Cathy Atkinson 309-794-7203
Student accounts Student accounts  
Student loans (Perkins loan) Diane McCann 309-794-7150
Financial arrangements/deferments Diane McCann 309-794-7150
Travel reimbursement/expense reports Kristen Day 309-794-7713
Worker's compensation   309-794-7141