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Department chair resources

Course Master Resources

Section Change Request Form - Chairs should use this form to request changes to course offerings already live on Arches. For room change requests only, please contact Susan Granet directly. 

Course Capacity Policy

Faculty Search Resources

Position Request Form - Chairs should complete this form when requesting a faculty position

Faculty Search Guidelines - Information and resources for the faculty search process

Campus Visit Reimbursement Information for Faculty Candidates

Faculty Review Resources

Reappointment Procedures for Visiting Faculty and Teaching Fellows

Reappointment/Non-Reappointment Form due February 1

Application for Reappointment of Visiting Faculty and Teaching Fellows - should be completed by February 1

Program Review Resources

Program Review Schedule

Program Review Guidelines

Augustana EAB Academic Performance Solutions (APS)

APS Platform Access - Please note that your APS password is separate from your Augustana password.

Augustana APS Resources - Shared Drive with resources on using the APS platform.

Department/Program Name Change Procedure

Procedures - If your department or program is considering changing its name, follow these procedures