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Japan J-term applications are open

Augustana's biannual Japan J-term will be offered next academic year during the January term. The application is now open.

Students in this program will travel and live in Japan for three weeks in January 2024 while taking a 4-credit course. Destinations include Kyoto, an ancient capital of Japan full of century-old temples and shrines; the megapolis Tokyo; Inuyama, a small city located between Kyoto and Tokyo; and Nagano surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

You can take one of the following two courses on Japan J-term. There are no prerequisites and these are open to all majors.

JPST250: Japanese Culture & Society (PH, G), Instructor: Dr. Mari Nagase

KINS270: Japan, Sport & Culture (PS, G), Instructor: Dr. Shaun Edmonds

Program fee: $4,500. Rising juniors and seniors are eligible for Augie Choice ($2,000).

Look into need-based study-away financial aid such as the Norm Moline East Asia Study Away Scholarship (application due, Jan. 30) and the Augustana Passport Grant.

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