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Augustana College Task Force on Sexual Assault Response and Prevention

Members of the task force:

Dr. Jennifer Popple, chair

Faculty: Dr. Scott Gehler, Dr. Carrie Hough, Dr. Eric Stewart

Administrators: Liesl Fowler, Michael Rogers, Ariel Rogers, Emilee Goad, Dr. Monica Smith

Students: Vanessa Dominguez, Anna Pfalzgraf, Kaitlyn Watkins, Ravi Patel, Jaime McLean

Sheri Curran, legal counsel (liaison to the president’s office)
In addition to the three students appointed, the chair will appoint a student advisory panel.  The student advisory panel will advise the committee as to student suggestions and how the student body can work with others at Augustana to address the issues of sexual assault response and prevention.

As the awareness of sexual assault increases on our campus and across the country, we are learning more about the impact of sexual assault and the barriers to reporting it.  

The task force is asked to:

• Assist in the selection of an expert to conduct a comprehensive review of the college policies related to sexual assault against federal and state requirements and national best practices, including disclosure, adjudication, and sanctions policies.

• Based on the external opinion and other information available to the task force, advise the president and Title IX team as to how Augustana might improve our policies and procedures related to sexual assault.

• Advise the Committee on Sexual Health and Violence Prevention and president about ideas from the outside assessment and the community concerning programs designed to educate about and help prevent sexual assaults.

The task force should provide opportunities for input by members of our community.

Outcomes from the task force:

The task force is requested to present a report to the president by May 18, 2018. Thereafter, the president, after consultation with the Committee on Sexual Health and Violence Prevention, will develop an action plan concerning improving policies and procedures.