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Augustana Observer and Rockety-I Digital Collections




Effective on or shortly after 8/1/2020, the Observer/Rockety-I database will be decommissioned.  In its place, all Augustana Observer and Rockety-I content will be migrated to a new, more user-friendly platform. 

As of 7/30/2020, the complete collection of Rockety-I yearbooks is available for full-text searching.  The Augustana Observer newspapers are still in the process of migration, but a partial collection is available for full-text searching. The Observer migration is ongoing and is anticipated to be complete before the start of the 2020-2021 academic year.  If you need assistance locating Observer content prior to the completion of the migration, please contact Special Collections staff at



SEE NOTE ABOVE - Information below will be obsolete after 8/1/2020:

The database you are about to use is an online version of the Augustana Observer, Augustana College's student newspaper, and the Rockety-I, Augustana's yearbook. It includes issues from the Observer's beginning in 1902 through 2016, and the Rockety-I from 1900 to 2004.  For more recent issues of the Observer, please visit the Observer's own website:  The Augustana College stopped producing a yearbook after 2004, so if you are looking for materials that reflect student life and campus activities for more recent years, you will need to consult other sources in Special Collections (see for guidance). Complete runs of the Observer and Rockety-I are available in their original, print form in Special Collections, located on the first floor of the Thomas Tredway Library. The Thomas Tredway Library also holds microfilm of the Observer, and copies of most Rockety-I yearbooks in the main stacks. Please contact Special Collections if you have any questions about the database.

Before entering the database, please view this PDF document for guidance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This database will only function properly in Internet Explorer.  Please do not use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser when accessing this database.  It will load and may appear to be working, but you will be missing key navigational features that render it unusable.

Click Here to enter the Augustana Observer and Rockety-I database