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Mindo, Ecuador cloud forest

First Year Global: Cloud forest

A hike on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains moves students through microclimates with new plants and animals.

A mine in Ecuador

First Year Global: People care about their environment

Students find that Ecuadorans care deeply about protecting environment, and most are very knowledgeable about their surroundings.

Antisana National Park

First Year Global: A high point

Much of Antisana National Park is more than 13,000 feet above sea level. For many of us, it was the highest point we had ever been outside of an airplane.

The First Year Global group in Ecuador at a skatepark.

First Year Global: Discovering community fun

Our First Year Global group met people in Ecuador who are devoting their days to creating a safer place for young people in their communities.

three students in an open classroom

3 new academic programs that can change your future

Augustana will be offering three new academic programs: a film and new media major and minor, integrated health minor and disability minor.

four photos of hannah in paris

Packing for Paris

Hannah Knuth used her three P’s of packing: plan, pull and put together.

Ecuador view of city and mountains

The First Year Global program and hidden knowledge

Rethinking how maps are drawn, and how roses are grown.

First Year Global students in Ecuador

First Year Global program begins in Ecuador

Students in the inaugural First Year Global program studied Ecuador in January and now they're experiencing the country and culture.

students walking under the arches of Founders Hall

Picking a school as a first-generation college student

How do you start looking for a college when you don’t have the resources or advice from family members to fall back on? What’s all this talk about “fit”? Where do you even begin?


Four reasons to apply this summer

Applying to college when you have time in the summer is better than waiting for deadlines.

Students exploring the Quad Cities

What to do with a day in the Quad Cities

How to spend a day exploring the Quad Cities