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Student immunization requirements

All incoming students are required to submit their immunization records.

Immunization requirements

The State of Illinois and Augustana College require all new students to submit proof of immunity to certain vaccine-preventable diseases prior to entry.  

(An the immunization form is available for download if your provider requires you to provide one.)

Note: Students are responsible for covering the costs of vaccinations.

Required vaccines

Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis vaccine

Three doses of DTP, DTAP, DT, TD OR TDAP with one dose of TDAP in the past 10 years

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine

Two doses of MMR at least 28 days apart after 12 months of age.

Date disease diagnosed and certified by a physician OR lab test proving high immunity (lab report must be attached to the immunization form).

Those born before Jan. 1, 1957, are exempt from the MMR vaccine requirements only.

Meningitis (meningococcal conjugate)

Two doses, if the first dose was administered between ages 11-16. Only one dose is required if administered at age 16 or later.

Tuberculosis (non-U.S. residents only)

Tuberculin skin test, date given, result. If tested positive for tuberculosis, a chest X-ray and X-ray results also are required.

Chest X-ray if required, date given, result.

Other recommended (not required) vaccines


Due to the fluidity of the current pandemic and state guidelines related to COVID, this may be required in the future.

Hepatitis B

Immunizations records

Your immunization information should be available from a previous high school or four-year college or university, a primary health care provider, or military records.

Immunizations records must be certified and dated by a physician, public health official, or a registered nurse.

Information must be in English or accompanied by an official translation.

Records must be submitted to the college by: Aug. 1 for students entering in the fall semester, and by Jan. 1 for students entering in the spring semester.


Only the following exemptions will be accepted and statements must accompany this record. Statements must be on official letterhead and in English.

• Medical contraindications: A written, signed and dated statement from a physician stating the specific vaccine(s) contraindicated and duration of medical condition that contraindicates the vaccine(s).

• Religious exemption: A written, signed and dated statement by the student (or parent/guardian if the student is under the age of 18) describing his/her objection to immunization based upon recognized religious tenets and practice.

• Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy: A signed statement is required from a physician stating the student is pregnant or pregnancy is suspected.

Anyone with a vaccine exemption may be excluded from the college in the event of outbreaks or pandemics in accordance with public health recommendations.