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Orientation FAQ

Orientation and Registration

Q: I didn't get the Orientation and Registration mailing.

A: All the information that was in the printed materials can be found online. Start at Orientation and Registration.

If you have misplaced the mailing that included your student ID number, please check your email.The Admissions office sent you an email including your ID number at about the same time that you received it in the mail. If you cannot locate your ID number, call Admissions at 309-794-7341.

Q: May I call to call to tell you my preferred Orientation and Registration date?

A:  After completing your language tests and survey, you'll receive an email with the link to submit your date preferences for Orientation and Registration. 

Q: Can you tell me my Orientation and Registration date?

A: After you have submitted your preferred dates for Orientation, you will receive a confirmation email from within one week. But if you have submitted your preferences and a full week has passed, email

Q: I want to change my Orientation date.
Q: I missed my Orientation date. What do I do?

A: We will accommodate you on the next available date of your choice as long as we have a spot available. Please email to request a date change.

Q: May I bring a friend, in addition to my parents, to Orientation and Registration?

A: Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and there is a separate program for them at Orientation and Registration.

Siblings or friends who come along will not be able to accompany the student throughout the day; they must remain with parents. We ask parents not to bring young children.

Q: I can't stay for the full day at Orientation and Registration. Can I register for classes earlier in the day?

A: Because of the number of students registering at each event, registration rooms and advisors have been assigned ahead of time. Students who must leave early should attend another Orientation and Registration date. Email to arrange a new date.

Q: The summer Orientation and Registration dates are past, and I have not registered for fall classes yet. What do I do?

A: You can still sign up for August Orientation. Once you have completed your language test and survey, you'll receive a link to register for the Aug. 15 event.

Classes, schedules and credits

Q: Can I see my fall schedule?

A: If you have registered for the fall term, go to Arches and log in. You were provided your secure log-in information on a form when you came to campus for Orientation. If you have forgotten your password, you should contact Information Technology Services: or 309-794-7293.

Q: Can I change my class schedule?

A: Do not make changes to your fall schedule after you leave Orientation and Registration. Arches may allow you to drop a course, but it will not allow you to add a course to replace it. If you mistakenly drop a class on Arches, it may be difficult to get back into that class.

During Welcome Week you will meet with your first-year advisor. This is your opportunity to adjust your fall schedule.

Q: Did I get my transfer credits?

A: If we have received official copies of your final transcripts from the previous institution, all graded work of "C" or better has been attached to the student record (transcript) and can be viewed on Arches. We only accept official transcripts mailed directly to Augustana from the institution. If you have questions, call the Registrar 309-794-7277.

Q: Did I get  AP and/or IB credits?

A: If we have received the official copies of your AP score from the College Board and the score and test are accepted by Augustana, we will post the score on your student record and you can view the credit on your transcript in Arches.

If we do not have your official score at the time of registration, we will register you according to the scores you report to us. In this case, if we later receive your scores and they are not high enough to receive credit, we will contact you using your new Augustana email address, and you and your advisor can make any necessary adjustments to your schedule during Welcome Week.

If you did not arrange to have scores sent to Augustana, you need to contact College Board and have the official scores sent.

Here is information on International Baccalaureate (IB) credits.

Q: How do I get proof of enrollment for insurance?

A:  If you are registered for fall term, you can request enrollment verification through the Arches menu, or contact the Office of the Registrar at 309-794-7277. This form will not have a class schedule on it, only proof of enrollment.

Students who will register in August can get a form from the Office of the Registrar once they come to campus.