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Holiday schedule 2017-18

The 2017-18 holiday schedule below indicates the days when offices will be closed. On these days
only essential operations will be conducted.

The extra vacation days between Christmas and New Year’s will result in a shutdown of one week.
In some areas, it might be necessary for employees to work during this week in order to carry on
vital college functions.

If this is the case, you will be informed by your supervisor, and you will be entitled to double time for holidays and time and a half for extra days worked in addition to your regular pay.

Sept. 4, 2017, Labor Day

Nov. 23-24, 2017, Thanksgiving

Dec. 22, 2017, through Jan. 1, 2018, Christmas and New Year's

March 30, 2018, Good Friday

May 28, 2018, Memorial Day

July 4, 2018, Independence Day