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Hanson Hall of Science Expansion

Expanded science building to accommodate new learning, teaching styles

February 2017

The planned expansion of Augustana’s Hanson Hall of Science will build on the college’s excellent programs and tradition of success in the natural sciences, transforming the way our science faculty teach and science students learn.

“Dramatic growth in student interest in the sciences, due mainly to increased enrollment of women in these fields, as well as changes in science teaching methods have made this expansion a top priority of the college,” said President Steven C. Bahls.

The expansion has been designed to seamlessly connect to the existing Robert A. and Patricia K. Hanson Hall of Science. The spaces in the four-floor, 22,000-square-foot addition will promote faculty-led research and active learning. Flexible studio classroom and lab layouts will adapt to the needs of teachers and students within minutes, allowing ease of movement between lectures, demonstrations, online research, teamwork, bench research and presentations.

The labs and classrooms will accommodate the changing learning styles of current and future students and the demands of employers who expect high levels of proficiency, problem-solving skills and collaborative leadership in today’s college graduates.

“We must prepare future scientists to tackle the challenges of tomorrow by using active and collaborative teaching and learning practices,” said Provost Pareena Lawrence. “Our classrooms must reflect this approach and be flexible enough to adapt to new pedagogy and technology. This will keep Augustana science students on top.”

For more information on how you can support the expansion of the Hanson Hall of Science, please contact Sam Schlouch, major gift officer, at or 309-794-7592.