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Celebration of Learning 2017: Special Projects

Tuesday, May 2

Dr. Forrest Stonedahl, computer science
Augustana Invitational Robotics Challenge 2017

Hanson 102 7:30-9 p.m.

The 2nd Annual Augustana Invitational Robotics Challenge will involve student teams (possibly from other schools in the region, as well as Augustana) bringing forth the robots that they have designed, built and programmed to compete against one another. This year’s challenge task involves quickly knocking as many ping pong balls out of a walled arena as possible.


Wednesday, May 3

Dr. Shara Stough, Dr. Rupa Gordon, Dr. Scott Gehler, Dr. Ian Harrington, Michael Clapp, Cora Habeger, Kristina Humphreys, Kia Lechleitner, Katelyn Lorenz, Lisa Nguyen, Phoebe Strell, Margaret Utgaard
Project advisor: Dr. Ian Harrington, neuroscience
NeurdFest: Engaging Elementary and College Students in Brain Awareness
* Note: not open to the public

Augustana College’s annual brain awareness outreach event, NeurdFest, is in its third year. Since 2015 we have brought second-grade students from Longfellow Elementary to campus to learn about the brain. Beginning last year, the Longfellow teachers have been preparing their students for the event by reading the book, “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It,” written by JoAnn Deak and illustrated by Sarah Ackerley. Then, when they visit with us on the morning of Celebration of Learning, the elementary students learn about the general functions of the brain, how the brain deals with sensory information, how brain cells transmit signals, how the brains of different animals compare and, perhaps of greatest practical significance, why it is important to practice brain safety, all through a series of interactive exhibits. As facilitators of these same exhibits, our students learn how to engage others with the academic discipline in which many of them have chosen to major. We expect this annual outreach program continue for many years to come as it has proven valuable for all of its participants.

Natalie Trujillo
Project advisor: Dr. Jessica Nodulman, communication studies
Project SAVE

The Gerber Center, 4th Floor Hallway 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Project SAVE (Sexual Assault Violence Education and Empowerment) is a group making a difference by improving the way our campus views sexual assault and sexual health through education and awareness. Learn more about the group and the many upcoming events and campaigns we are planning. This is also a chance to get involved, as we are looking to expand the group for next year.

Sustained Dialogue Moderators and Steering Committee members
Project advisors: Dean Evelyn Campbell, Student Affairs; Provost Pareena Lawrence, Academic Affairs
Cookie Conversations

Outdoor locations: 1. By clock outside Hanson, 2. Unity Pole outside Old Main, 3. Near steps to The Gerber Center.
Rain sites: Hanson lobby; Old Main, 1st floor lobby; outside the Oasis Room, The Gerber Center 10:30 a.m.-3:15 p.m.

Join us for light refreshments throughout the day as we discuss identity and how it relates to the Augustana community! Stop and chat for about five minutes, then help yourself to cookies or water and be on your way.